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How Sending Text Alerts Solves 3 Unique Problems


What do court dates, reading programs, and positive affirmations have in common?

Text alerts.

And what does sending text alerts have to do with these things?

Here are 3 ways that sending text alerts helps solve 3 unique problems.

  1. Court date reminders

Some counties turn to text reminders to help reduce the number of no-shows in court. Carlo Esqueda, Dane County clerk of courts, explains: “Text messages reminders have emerged as a best practice for reminding people of their court dates.”

The purpose is for the text messages to serve as additional reminders in order to help people avoid being issued a bench warrant (and possibly going to jail) for failing to appear in court.

Though there hasn’t been a study to confirm and there may be other mitigating factors, Dane County recorded a smaller number of bench warrants than previous years since instigating the texting campaign.

  1. Reading program tips

The state of Georgia recently instigated a program to help improve reading proficiency among children. The campaign involves sending parents texts with tips each week on how they can foster their children’s reading abilities.

The goal of the program is to give parents the resources they need to make sure their children can read proficiently before starting 4th grade. The idea is simple: children need to be able to read well to succeed in school.

  1. Positive affirmations

Naomi Hirabayashi and Marah Lidey use texting to promote messages of positivity, especially among women.

The idea could extend to businesses wanting to improve their employees’ wellbeing, churches desiring to encourage their congregation, or any number of different settings. Everyone needs a good pep talk now and then, and texting provides an avenue to pursue that.

What kinds of unique ways might sending text alerts benefit you and your audience? A simple text can have a lot of power.

You and your organization are unique with unique needs. Have you thought about how you can use text alerts to help reach your goals?

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