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Sending Text Alerts – Do One Thing Well

Many text alert systems fail because they try to do too many things. You can’t be all things to all people. Some systems try to handle contact management, email management, twitter, facebook, and a host of other things. The problem with a service that is a “jack of all trades” is that they end up not really preforming any of these services very well.



Mobile Text Alerts is great because we embrace the philosophy of doing one thing and doing it really well. We focus on sending text messages. We do offer email sending and phone calling for those that truly need it, but we keep these features disabled until you turn them on. Our laser focus is sending text messages and making sure they are delivered.

Many text message services claim to be text message sending services, but then have deliverability rates of lower than 50%. That means for every 10 messages sent, only 5 will make it to the person you sent it to. Mobile Text Alerts boasts industry-leading 99.8% deliverability on messages sent.

So sign up today, and let us do the worrying about how to get he messages delivered to your groups.

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