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Sending out a mass text message couldn’t be easier!

Cellular phones are a funny thing.  For a long time I had an Android-based Samsung Intercept.  Most things worked pretty well on the phone.  I had a Twitter app that made posting to Twitter a breeze, I had a Facebook app that made checking Facebook updates a cinch.  The phone had one problem though..  I couldn’t receive phone calls!

For some reason, the actual phone part of the phone was incredibly slow.  So slow, that when someone would call, it would take 15-20 seconds to actually answer the call, and by that time most people had already hung up.

Frustrated with phone

Unfortunately, this is the experience people have with most text alert providers.  There are so many features, and so many screens, that it becomes nearly impossible to actually send out a text message!

Mobile Text Alerts is different.  We have two main goals with our text alert software: #1 Affordability, and #2 Simplicity.

As our customer “Barter Connections” from Newton Center, MA puts it:

It’s so easy to use everything is straightforward and right in front of you!


How to send a message with Mobile Text Alerts

Here is the easy, three step process to sending out a text message with Mobile Text Alerts.  It’s so simple, even technologically-impaired people can do it.

Step 1)  Log in to your control panel

-Open up your web browser and go to the login page at

-Enter the username and password that you chose when you created your account (if you can’t remember your username or password or have other issues, you can click the “forgot your password link” and a new password will be generated for you.)

-Click “Login”

Step 2)  Select the recipients for your message

Click the “Send Message” checkbox next to each of the members you would like to send a message to


Step 3)  Enter your message, and click “Send Message”


It really is that easy!

So why not get started sending out messages today?  You can check out just how easy it is to send out a mass text message by creating a free test account by signing up today!

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