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One thing that really separates Mobile Text Alerts from our competitors is our unique pricing structure. Almost all text alert systems out there charge their customers on a per message basis. When we were out shopping for text alerts, we didn’t find this method of pricing very appealing..

stressed-girl-with-backpack_2013_Aug_14-233x350It is stressful keeping track of how many texts you have sent – If I am paying $.01/message, and the budget my company has given me is $25/month, then I can send 2,500 messages per month. How many have I sent this month so far? Do I have more I need to send the rest of the month?

Why do all text alerts companies still charge this way? This method of pricing should have gone by the wayside years ago. Would anyone buy Netflix if you had to pay $.50 per movie you watched? Half the fun (and torture) of Netflix is watching frivolous things that you would never watch if you didn’t have unlimited streaming on Netflix. You pay a flat monthly fee, and watch whatever you want.

We wanted this simplicity with Mobile Text Alerts. Forget about how many texts you have already sent, forget about if this tidbit of information you are sending out is worth the $.01/message to send it, just pay a flat monthly fee, and send whatever messages you feel like sending.

So if you are looking to send out mass text messages, and you would really rather not pay-per-text, but would just prefer to simply pay one flat monthly fee, give Mobile Text Alerts a try.


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