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text alerts for ymca summer activities

Send text alerts for YMCA summer activities

YMCAs are known for their many activities, programs, and camps. One problem with summer, however, is trying to keep people updated on dates, times, and cancellations.

The solution? Send text alerts for YMCA summer activities!

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Text alerts get the relevant info right into people’s hands.

Send text alerts for reminders

A simple reminder can do much to help eliminate forgetful would-be attendees.

Life gets busy and we all need to be reminded of things!

“Don’t forget about the end of camp bash Friday afternoon!”

“Just a reminder to bring your child to the baseball field at 2:00 for the T-ball game!”

Send text alerts for announcements and updates

You can use text alerts as a means to communicate important info about your events to people who are signed up.

“The soccer game will be in field 3. See you there!”

“Your $25 registration fee is due Friday.”

Send text alerts for rainouts

Summer weather can be unpredictable.

You never know when a storm might come up and put a damper on your plans.

But never fear! Send a quick text alert letting people know of a weather-related cancellation or change in plans.

“Storm’s a-brewing! The field hockey game is rescheduled for next Saturday at 4:00.”

“We’re rained out today! The soccer game will be held in the YMCA building on 50th.”

Text alerts are a great way to get messages out to a lot of people quickly. Adding text alerts to your communication plan will help get rid of the frustration and confusion of missed messages.

So what are you waiting for? Start sending text alerts for YMCA summer activities today.

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Happy texting!

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