How to Send Out Pre-Recorded Voice Messages

May 9, 2018 | Back to the Blog

Using a mass-texting service like Mobile Text Alerts is beneficial for a variety of users. For one, a mass texting service allows you to pre-record voice messages and automatically send those messages at a later time. Whether you own a business and are scheduling texts to use in your marketing campaign or you’re running for political office and need to pre-record voice messages to send to voters, a mass texting service is a must-have communications tool. Schools, doctor offices, city governments, and local news stations can all benefit from this technology. Simply follow the steps in your Mobile Text Alerts settings to get started.

  1. Contact us.

You can contact us via the contact form, email (, phone (402-805-1228), or the chat box on the homepage.  Request to be enabled for phone alerts, and a representative will get your account set up to use the feature.

  1. Record a message.

After we have enabled your account for phone alerts, you will receive an email with your PIN number.  You can then dial 201-351-4428.  The system will ask for your PIN number and then you can follow the instructions that the system gives you to record your message.  (Note: if you ever lose or forget your PIN number, contact us and we can retrieve it for you.)

  1. Send your message.

When you are done recording, log in to your account and go to the “Send a Phone Message” page.  (You can find the link on the navigation bar to the left of your screen when you are logged in to your account.)

phone messages

From this page you will first select whether you want your voice message to be sent out immediately, or if you want to schedule it to be automatically sent out at a later date/time.

send message now

Then you select which recipients you want to receive your message.  You can do one of the following:

  • You can check the “Send Message to All Subscribers” box. This will send your voice message to every number that is on your account.
  • You can type in the name of one or more of your groups. This will only send your message to the members who are a part of that group (more on groups here).
  • You can select recipients individually by checking the “Send Message” box of each number that you want to receive your message.

select recipients

Lastly, scroll to the bottom of the page to select the message that you want to send.  Click on the row of the message to highlight it.  Then click “Send Phone Message” and your message will be sent!

select message to send

To make sure that you have the right message before you send it, you can hear the pre-recorded message by clicking the “Preview Message” arrow.  You can also search for messages using the search bar.

Mass Texting Services Pricing

Phone alerts are priced according to how many phone messages you want to include in your mass texting service.  The usual rates are:

500 calls/month – $15/month

2,000 calls/month – $48/month

5,000 calls/month – $115/month

10,000 calls/month – $222/month

25,000 calls/month – $525/month

So for the 500-call plan, for example, you are able to send up to 500 phone calls in a month for $15.  Additional calls can be purchased for $.03 per phone call.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our mass texting services and for answers to any questions you may have. Set up your online SMS service with Mobile Text Alerts today! 

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