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Send Mass Texts by Texting In

Did you know you can send mass texts with your Mobile Text Alerts account by texting in from your phone?

This can be useful for if you want to get a message out quickly without having to log in to your app or log in to the control panel from a computer.

A walkthrough of how to do that can be found here, but simply put there are just a couple of steps.

send mass texts

Step 1 of how to send mass texts by texting in

You first need to set up your phone number as an administrator under your Manage Administrators page.

This will let the system know to detect your phone number when you text in, and will connect your phone number with your Mobile Text Alerts account.

Step 2 of how to send mass texts by texting in

Next, all you need to do is send a text from your phone number to 229-299-8227 with the format GroupName Message (in which “GroupName” would be replaced with the name of the group you are wanting to send your message to and “Message” would be replaced with the message you want to send to them).

You can replace GroupName with the word All if you want to send your message to all subscribers instead of a particular group (note that you can only send to all subscribers if your administrator profile is listed as Super Administrator).

Send a message template by texting in

Not only can you type out a message to send by texting in, you can also send out a pre-set message by texting in a keyword. You can find instructions for doing this at under section V!

This can allow you to send out a whole message by texting in just a single word!


Try a free text alert account today if you want to test out sending mass texts by texting in!

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