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How to Send Mass Text Messages

Have you ever wondered how to send mass text messages?

Let’s say you’re a business marketer and want to send a promotion to your customers.

Or perhaps you’re a pastor and you want to let your congregants know that services are canceled due to weather.

Or suppose you’re an HR manager and want to let employees know about some kind of announcement.

Sure, you can send group texts from your phone but that doesn’t work very well for large groups. What’s the solution?

Here are a few steps you can follow to send mass text messages.

send mass text messages

Step 1: Find a Text Alert System to Send Mass Text Messages

An alert system such as our system at will allow you to manage contacts and send mass text messages.

It will also have other features such as the ability to schedule messages, group your contacts, view reports, and much more!

Find a text alert system that works for you and set up an account. (For the purposes of this walkthrough we will show you how to send a message via our own system.)

Step 2: Get Subscribers Loaded in So You Can Send Mass Text Messages

In order to send messages you first need to have an audience to send them to!

Get people to subscribe to your text alerts by having them text in a keyword that comes with your account or by going to a free online sign-up page that comes with your account. If you already have consent from people to receive your messages, you can also add them in manually.

(See more info about adding subscribers here.)

Step 3: Send Your Messages!

Once subscribers are loaded in you will be able to send mass text messages as described in the video below:


If you want to give a text alert system a try, feel free to try a free test account to get a feel for how it works and you’ll be able to send mass text messages in no time!



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