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Send Emergency Alerts: Why and How

send emergency alerts

Businesses, schools, churches- many organizations are looking for efficient ways to send emergency alerts.

Texting can be an efficient supplement to help communicate emergency information!

Emails and phone calls work okay and you may continue to use those avenues in addition but those methods are often ignored.


Send Emergency Alerts Via Texting Because People Prefer It

With trends such as Mobile Marketing Watch‘s statistics about people preferring texting to phone calls for customer service purposes, texting dominates.

Think about the people around you. Think about your own habits.

How often do you make phone calls? How often do you check emails?

How often do you text?

A good emergency alert system may make use of all of these avenues, but if you’re not texting you’re missing out on an important medium

How Can You Be Prepared to Send Emergency Alerts?

So you’ve decided to text for emergency alerts. What now?

The first step would be to set up an alert system, such as at our website

How can you make sure your alert system is ready for when you need it?

1. Test Regularly

The best way to make sure your alert system is ready for an emergency is to test it regularly.

Send a test message once per month, for example, and have people respond to ensure they received the message.

(The actual frequency that you test may vary depending on your organization and situation.)

2. Set Up Message Templates

Message templates allow you to pre-compose a message and send it out quickly when you need to.

This saves you the time of having to type up an urgent message in the heat of the moment.

You can set up as many message templates as you need, and they even allow you to send out the full message by texting in some keywords (see the link above).

3. Group Your Subscribers Appropriately

In order to make sure your texts go to the appropriate people you can put your subscribers into groups beforehand.

This can ensure that people only receive the texts that are relevant to them as you select the appropriate group to receive the message when sending.

4. Use Email as a Backup

You can take advantage of a feature that allows you to send to email addresses as well as phone numbers (see Settings under Control Panel Settings).

This can be a safeguard in case someone doesn’t receive the text message for one reason or another.

Sending your message via multiple methods increases the chances of your message reaching its intended recipients successfully.


Are you ready to send emergency alerts? Try a free test account today!


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