Selecting the Best Text Alert Plan for Your Organization [Infographic]

September 9, 2016 | Back to the Blog

selecting the best text alert plan for your organization


Text Version: Selecting the Best Text Alert Plan for Your Organization

Why text alerts?

  • Texting brings your audience together.
  • Texting connects you to your audience in a unique way.
  • Texting is preferred and effective.
  • Texting brings success to your communication.

Which plan is best for you?

  • Starter Plan
    • $12/month ($23 month-to-month)
    • 1-175 subscribers
    • Perfect for a small organization on a budget
  • Standard Plan
    • $26/month ($49 month-to-month)
    • 176-500 subscribers
    • Perfect for a small but growing organization
  • Professional Plan
    • $52/month ($59 month-to-month)
    • 501-1000 subscribers
    • Perfect for an average-sized organization with room to grow
  • Premium Plan
    • $89/month ($99 month-to-month)
    • 1001-2500 subscribers
    • Perfect for a larger organization
  • Enterprise Plan
    • $149/month ($169 month-to-month)
    • 2501-5000 subscribers
    • Perfect for a very large organization
  • Pay per text
    • Pricing customized to your needs
    • Message-based rather than subscriber-based
    • Perfect for an organization with unique needs

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