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School Districts Update Parents with Text Messaging

School Districts Update Parents with Text Alerts

There was a day and age when schools used phone calls as the primary means of communicating with parents and students.  Then along came emails, and that method of communication was added to the mix.  Now we have an even more effective method to integrate: texting!

Niagara Falls City School District is an example of a school district that has begun to take advantage of text messaging technology.  They are planning on using a texting system as a vital part of updating people regarding events and other relevant information.

Some features of a text alert system that make it convenient for a school district include:

  • An easy means to opt in—simply by texting a single word (or in Niagara Falls City’s case, a single letter) in to the system
  • An easy means to opt out—simply by texting “stop” in to the system
  • A convenient way to organize subscribers

Another benefit of using texting as opposed to other means is the preference of texting by many parents.  More and more people are transferring to texting as their preferred means of communication.  The article link above quotes the Niagara Falls City School District’s community relations director, Judie Glaser, as pointing this out: “In many situations, it is more convenient to receive a text message than a phone call, and it can be read more quickly.”

Texting is preferred, simple, and cost-effective.  It might be just what you need to improve communication.

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