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Running Effective Live Sales: 5 Tips

Live sales are the backbone of companies such as Paparazzi and LuLaRoe. But running effective live sales for your business isn’t something that just happens.

It takes planning, effort, and skills.

Odds are, when you’re first starting out you won’t have majorly successful live sales. And that’s okay!

It’s a process of gradually learning and growing. As long as you’re learning and reaching forward then you are progressing.

That being said, what are some tips for running effective live sales? How can you improve viewership right now?

After all, long-term growth is obviously the goal but we all enjoy success in the here and now as well!

Running effective live sales means you must…

Be consistent

If possible, you want to find a regular day and time that works for you and your target customers. Then be as consistent as you can in always going live at that same time.

You want your customers to be able to depend on you and to get used to seeing you. Going live at the same time, same place every week can help establish loyalty and consistency.

(By the way, if you’re wondering how often to go live, we would typically recommend 2-4 times per week!)

Incentivize people to attend

Especially if you’re trying to grow your customer base and are struggling with getting people to attend, you may need to offer some incentives.

Some ways that you can “bribe people” (ethically, of course) to attend your live sales include giveaways, raffles, and flash sales.

You could promise that the first 10 attendees will be entered in to some kind of drawing, for example. Or you could enter each purchase into a raffle so that the more purchases someone makes the more times their name is entered.

Have functional equipment

You don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to run a live sale.

In fact, all you really need is a smartphone or computer with a webcam.

That being said, you do want to make sure the equipment you do have works.

Is your picture quality good? Is your Wi-Fi cutting in and out? Can people hear you without difficulty? Does the room have enough lighting?

These are all questions to consider. If you answer no to any of these then you may want to consider investing in some higher quality equipment.

Be an entertainer

No, you don’t have to do stand-up comedy or sing opera or anything like that. But you do want to be charismatic and enjoyable to watch!

If your presentation is boring you will lose people’s interest, resulting in lost sales.

So smile, make a few natural jokes and comments, share a story about your week. Don’t be afraid to be yourself!

Notify people

No one will show up to your live sale if they don’t know about it.

Unfortunately with Facebook’s algorithms you need alternative means of sharing your lives.

You should use every method at your disposal to notify your customers about your lives – social media, email, text alerts.

Text alerts are actually an extremely effective means of notifying customers, with an open rate of almost 99%.

And letting them know about the live sales is the first step in their journey to purchase.

With tips like these under your wing you’ll be a pro live sale-runner in no time!

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