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Remind Patients to Take Their Pills

A relatively new use for Mobile Text Alerts has developed by several of our customers that are doctors and pharmacies.  They have begun to send reminders to their patients about when to take their pills each day.



Many of their patients are elderly people who do not have accessing to text messages, which is where the Mobile Text Alerts automated phone call service works well.  As often as their patients need to take their pills (for some people, this is 6-7 times per day!) our system will call the number and recite an automated message “We’re calling to remind you that it is time to take your medication. Please do so right now!”

Automated phone calls is a service that used to be reserved only for companies with multi-million dollar budgets.  But now Mobile Text Alerts has brought this power to you at an affordable rate (around $.02/automated call).

This is just another example of a creative way to utilize modern technology.  Contact us if you would like to discuss ways that your business might take advantage of this service.

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