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Remind Parents to Leave Sick Kids at Home!

My wife and I were deathly (hyperbole) sick yesterday.  We are pretty sure that we got it from our daughter, who more than likely got it from our church’s nursery.

Anytime kids gather together in masses, sickness runs rampant.  It got me thinking “how could text alerts help keep people from getting sick?”


One our Omaha churches had a good solution.  They were having troubles with a lot of sickness going around their nursery, so they started texting parents on either Saturday night or Sunday morning “Reminder — Please don’t bring children if they are experiencing any of the following symptoms in the last 24-hours: Fever, sore throat, or vomiting”

You may have a different symptoms list depending on your church, but this quick reminder was a great way to get parents to really think about if they should be taking their kid today.

Do you have any other suggestions on how to keep sickness out of your church’s nursery?

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