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Presidential Campaigns Find Texting Vital

Presidential Campaigns Find Texting Vital

Is texting important?  Is it an effective way to connect with an audience?  The 2016 presidential candidates seem to think so.

An article from compared and contrasted Hillary Clinton’s, Bernie Sanders’s, and Donald Trump’s use of text messaging during the recent New York primary.

NPR’s Take

NPR’s Scott Detrow also had a lot to say on the subject.  He said that “more and more than previous elections, you’re seeing campaigns really focus on text messages as a key way to contact voters,” and he used Clinton’s campaign as an example.  He continued:

So they’re asking people to turn over their phone numbers to the campaign. And then from that point forward, they’re sending a constant stream of information to these voters, providing information like future events and where to caucus, but also asking for money, things like that.

Ditching Landlines and Phone Calls

This kind of texting campaign provides easy marketing to help each candidate gain support.  The steady flow of information to potential voters keeps the populace in the loop and is a constant reminder of who the candidate is, when and where they will be speaking, and what they stand for.  NPR’s report went on:

[I]ncreasingly, many campaigns see text messages as a primary way of getting in touch with voters. You know, more and more people are ditching landlines, more and more younger voters just have a lot of conversations on text and hardly ever call people.

Email and Internet

This statement should come as no surprise to most of us.  It’s plain to see that less people are using landlines or even calling in general.  But what about email?  Isn’t email an effective way to reach out to people?  Detrow addressed that as well:

E-mail is antiquated for a lot of young people. And many people access the Internet primarily through their phones. So because of that, a lot of campaigns are thinking hard about how to make these text message blasts seem like real conversations, real one-on-one conversations, which studies have shown are more effective at persuading people.


The bottom line is that the presidential candidates recognize that texting is the way of the future for them to connect with their supporters.  Each of the candidates would do well to invest in this vital means of reaching out to people.

What about you?  Are you investing in the potential of text messaging?

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