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PIP University Nails Their Live Webinar with Webinar Alerts (An Outstanding 91% Webinar View-Rate)

Heather Yurko and her team at PIP University are dynamic GO-GETTERS. They help salon owners and stylists revolutionize their businesses and escalate their profits through their online university.

The Story

Not too long ago, Heather Yurko and Samatha Huber hosted their first live webinar using WebinarJam and Webinar Alerts, a new proprietary webinar SMS integration by Mobile Text Alerts.  

Webinar Alerts allows webinar presenters to automate custom text message reminders and follow-ups.  When a user registered for Heather’s webinar, 5 text messages were automatically scheduled.  Since 97% of all texts are read 1, Heather decided it would be an easy way to get more registrants to show up at her webinar and book a call with her. Here’s how it unfolded:

SMS Schedule

24 hours before the webinar

Hi [first name]! This is your savvy reminder that our Masterclass, “Make more income with your current guests” is going down in 24 hours! We’ll be sending you a live link tomorrow 🙂

1 hour before the webinar

Hola [first name]! Will you be ready to hop on the Masterclass in an hour? Here’s the link [link] we promised for you to join! See you soon 😉

5 minutes before the webinar

[first name]! Time to finish up what’s in front of you because it’s go time in 5!  Here’s your live link [link]. Say hi when you join!

Next day after the webinar

That Masterclass was SO GOOD!!!! We could tell how much everyone valued it! And because we’re getting quite techy, (watch out now) we’ve got a replay [here] in case you want to refer back to it! Hope this helps a ton!

24 hours after the webinar

Are you going to Rich Life it with us [first name]?! If you’re thinking that this is what you’ve been looking for, it is. Consider this your sign! Fill out your application here [link] and we’ll schedule your One-on-One Consultation for enrollment!

The Results

With a quick marketing push, and an excellent presentation by Heather and her co-host, Samantha Huber, PIP University recorded an impressive 399 registrations through their ClickFunnels landing page and 206 live attendees through WebinarJam analytics.  This means they had a 52% show-up rate beating the average show-up rate for marketing webinars by 16% 1.  

However, Heather’s most impressive statistic was the number of replay views for her webinar.  Since all links were tracked in the text messages, she was able to see that 158 users clicked on the replay link that was texted through the Webinar Sales Scaler.  This means that 91% of Heather’s attendees saw her live webinar or replay.  

15 registrants booked a call resulting in a sales potential of $90,000.  This is all from her first webinar with WebinarJam.

How about you?
Are you interested in 91% of registrations viewing your webinar?  Contact us today to see if Webinar Alerts is a right fit for your business.

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