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People Love Texting So Much They Fall into Manholes

We’ve already discussed how events such as the invention of the Phone-brella proves humanity’s love for texting.  But as I was doing some more research, I found more evidence of mankind’s love affair with this technology: accidents related to texting while walking.


Girl Falls into Manhole

In Staten Island, NY, 15 year-old Alexa Longueira fell into an open manhole while texting and walking.  Her parents decided to sue the city, and she apparently lost a shoe.

Girl’s Leg Gets Stuck in Drain

A teenage girl in Mianyang City, China, got her leg stuck in a sidewalk drain as she was taking a stroll and texting her friend.  She was stuck there for at least 45 minutes before being freed by emergency services.

Woman Takes Stroll off Pier

Bonnie Miller of Benton Harbor, MI, was enjoying a day with her family on a pier when she pulled out her phone to reschedule an appointment via text message.  As she was walking and trying to type this message, she apparently didn’t realize she was on the edge of the pier and suddenly found herself in the water six feet below.  The distance was too great for her to get back up by herself, but with the help of the police, fire department, and the Coast Guard, she was able to make it safely back onto the pier.

Man Almost Walks into Bear

A man was caught on video in La Crescenta, CA, fleeing after coming dangerously close to walking straight into a bear while texting.  He was able to escape with no injuries, except to his pride.


Charlotte Andersen describes a survey that discusses how “43 percent of cellphone users … [have] walked into an object while looking at their phone” and “13 percent of people have walked into another person, while 27 percent have fallen off a curb or into a glass door or window.”  If these accidents don’t convince you of people’s love for texting, nothing will.

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