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People Love Texting So Much They Need to Instigate a Wexting Ban?

people love texting so much they need to instigate a wexting ban

You remember that new word wexting? As in, walking while texting?

Well, apparently the walking while texting phenomenon is not limited to the United States.

In Toronto, Canada, a majority of voters sampled agreed that the city council should place a ban on texting while crossing the street. Only 35% of those sampled disagreed with the proposal.

The ban apparently did not go through. Forum Research president Lorne Bozinoff said, “Council’s proposal to ban texting and walking was dismissed by the province and others, but whoever dismisses it is out of touch with the public.”

Older voters unsurprisingly favored the ban in the vast majority (73%), while 61% of mothers were in favor.

What does this mean?

The fact that this proposal exists at all would be a sign of the times. But viewing the results of the poll proves there is even common consensus that people have a hard time controlling themselves.

Let’s face it; we are addicted to our phones.

Take the Pokemon Go craze. We have people falling off cliffs and getting hit by cars because of their obsession with looking at their phones.

People love their smartphones—the games, the social media, the texting.

Do we need government bans on texting while walking? Maybe, maybe not (honestly, putting bans probably wouldn’t help anything). My point is simply this: texting has successfully integrated into society. People love it, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

What do we do?

Embrace the craze!

No, I don’t mean you should stare down at your phone while crossing the street, or that you should get so distracted that you wander off a cliff.

I just mean that you can connect with people in the way that is convenient and meaningful for them. Use common sense, of course, and don’t get too sucked in. But don’t be afraid to take advantage of technology!

Texting is only a tool, after all. How we use it is up to us.

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