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Parents, What Are Your Teens REALLY Texting?

Parents, What Are Your Teens REALLY Texting

What are your teens really texting?  What are they actually saying to each other?

In this day and age, kids and teens have their own texting language.  Gone are the simple days when all you needed to know was LOL and BRB.  IDK where the time went!  Back in the day we chatted with our BFF’s and thought our texting lingo was the coolest thing ever!


But the texting lingo is becoming more and more elaborate—and potentially dangerous.  For example, your teen’s innocent-looking emojis might be symbolic of drug use:

  • Puff of smoke emoji = marijuana
  • Green plant emojis = weed
  • Pencil emoji = joint
  • Mushroom emoji = general reference to drugs

Drug Euphemisms

In addition to emojis, other texting lingo that references drugs includes:

  • CID = acid
  • 710 = marijuana
  • Lean = drinking cough syrup
  • Loud = marijuana

Sexual References

Some seemingly harmless abbreviations and phrases can have shocking meanings behind them:

  • GNOC = get naked on camera
  • CU46 = see you for sex
  • Netflix and chill = having sex

Harmless Abbreviations

Beyond those more serious codes, teens have a whole dictionary full of slang texting language that they use to communicate harmlessly with peers:

  • JFJ = jump for joy
  • ROFL = rolling on the floor laughing
  • SMS = shaking my head

Bottom Line

Parents need to be informed as to what their kids are actually communicating to their peers.  Warning signs can pass right by you if you’re not careful.  Even if you’re monitoring your kids’ messages, what they’re really saying can be lost to you.  At the same time, you don’t want to be paranoid and lose your cool.

It’s up to you to find the balance between having a healthy concern for your child’s wellbeing and being overprotective.  It’s not always an easy balance, but you can do it!  Keep open communication with your kids and make sure you stay on top of things.

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