Looking for more ways to connect with your clients and make them feel special? You can add on the “birthday text” feature to your Mobile Text Alerts account to send automated birthday texts to your subscribers! Once this feature is added, you can navigate to your ‘Settings’ tab. Within, you’ll find a ‘Custom Fields’ section.… Read More »

Are you struggling to grow your small business? No matter how many little tips and tricks you keep trying, you can’t seem to expand your customer base and increase sales — and you’re probably super frustrated. While you may think the obvious answer to growing your business is increasing your profits, that’s only one piece… Read More »

Tired of no-shows for your appointments? Ever wished you could just set up appointments in a calendar and have automated reminders sent out to your clients? Now you can sit back and relax with our Appointment Reminder add-on feature! Once the reminder feature is added to your account, all you have to do is log… Read More »

LuLaRoe retailers, we’ve added another feature for you to hopefully help make your lives easier! You can now forward your customers’ order confirmation emails to have their purchases automatically added to the Loyalty Rewards page on your Mobile Text Alerts control panel. All you have to do to get it set up is go to… Read More »

Inevitably, every retailer runs into times in their business where sales are down. For a lot of retailers, that is the month of February. We’ve chatted with some of our top consultants to get a few tips on ways to help boost your sales during a slump.  After compiling ideas, we came up with seven tips.… Read More »

Are you tired of dealing with communication breakdowns at your practice? No matter what you do, your no-show rate continues to climb through the roof while your customer service scores keep plummeting. If these sound like your frustrations, there’s one communication method you’re probably not using and should be: text messages. As you’ll see today,… Read More »

Is your sales funnel attracting more tumbleweeds than viable leads for your business? Do you even have a sales funnel that’s properly set up? A sales funnel is the best way to guide your potential and existing customers through your company’s buying process and lead them directly to converting. If you already have a sales… Read More »

Ten years ago, it may have seemed ridiculous for hotels to consider texting their guests. But today, it’s a different story. Texts can bring your hotel a much-needed boost to your customer service scores. From confirming reservations and check outs to alerting your customers about upcoming deals and events, text messages increase engagement and improve… Read More »

Are you looking for a better way to communicate with your customers? If you’re frustrated that your messages aren’t getting through and tired of seeing skyrocketing missed appointment rates and lackluster attendance for your events, you should know there’s a better way to stay in touch. It’s called text message marketing. While you may not… Read More »

If you don’t believe the latest attention-grabbing headlines touting that email is dead, we’re with you. There’s no doubt email can be a smart outreach tool, but you may need to reconsider exactly where and how often you’re using it if your business isn’t having much success. Since most people receive around 126 emails per… Read More »

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