With your Mobile-Text-Alerts.com account you can organize your text list into different segments for group messaging! This feature allows you to direct messages to appropriate lists. This way people will only receive messages that relate to them. This first step is to set up your groups on the Manage Groups page. Then there are a… Read More »

So you’re looking for some text message marketing training, eh? You’ve decided to start texting your customers but not sure where to start? Or you’ve been using text marketing for a while and just looking for ways to improve? Here are some tips that can help! Text Message Marketing Training Tips Get People to Opt… Read More »

When you’re a small business focused on selling jewelry, keeping up with a competitive market can be difficult. You don’t have quite the sway as larger companies, and you have to try and keep on top of current trends to stay afloat. You may have heard that other jewelry sellers have found a way to… Read More »

Wondering how to send mass texts for your business, non-profit, or even just a big family reunion? Wonder no more! Here I’ll walk you through how to send mass texts using our alert system at Mobile-Text-Alerts.com. It’s a breeze and in no time you’ll be a mass texting champ! How to Send Mass Texts in… Read More »

SMS stands for “short messaging service” and refers to the normal texts we send on a daily basis. But what is MMS messaging? MMS Messaging Allows More Characters MMS (“multimedia messaging service“) allows the sender to include more than just a few short characters. SMS only allows up to 160 characters per text while MMS… Read More »

Here at Mobile Text Alerts, we talk a lot about communication. Thoughts, sentences, phrases, words—it’s what we’re all about.  Most of communication is simply sharing words in a meaningful way, and we know that sharing words with your group is important. But there is a word that is more important than any other word we… Read More »

How do you get info out to your church members? A newsletter? Email? A phone chain? What about church text alerts? Let’s face it- texting is often the best way to get in touch with people these days. Young people do it, middle-aged people do it, and even many of the older crowd do it!… Read More »

One awesome feature of a text alert system is the ability to schedule text alerts! With this feature you can set up your messages when you have time. Then you can schedule them to go out at whatever date and time you want! This allows you more flexibility and control over your text messages. Here’s… Read More »

10 Creative Tips For Keeping Your Facebook Group Engaged The success of your business is very tied into how you handle your social media presence. Facebook groups are especially important when it comes to promoting your product and building a team. Because Facebook is constantly updating and adjusting its algorithms for things like advertisements and… Read More »

Facebook Live has been riding an upward trajectory of popularity since it rolled out back in 2016. By now, more than 2 billion people have watched a broadcast, with more than 3.5 billion broadcasts made since 2016 and the daily average doubling (or more) every year. Broadcasts from verified pages have jumped more than 50… Read More »

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