Direct TV installations has been using text alerts for a couple of years now in order to improve customer support. They send their customers a friendly text alert letting them know “Your installation technician will be at your house in 1 hour!” How often has a service provider been scheduled to come visit your house,… Read More »

One thing that really separates Mobile Text Alerts from our competitors is our unique pricing structure. Almost all text alert systems out there charge their customers on a per message basis. When we were out shopping for text alerts, we didn’t find this method of pricing very appealing.. It is stressful keeping track of how… Read More »

One industry that we have seen tremendous growth in over the last year is the real estate industry. Real estate agencies across the country are using text alerts to instantly inform their customers about new listings or information on closing deals.   No longer do house-hunters need to look in the newspaper for house listings,… Read More »

One niche that has really taken off in the text alert industry are stock trading companies. Customers of these stock trading customers are prepared to spend hundreds of dollars (if not thousands) to simply receive updates on their stocks, or receive other stock trading tips. These have been traditionally sent via email, but they can… Read More »

#4 – YouTube YouTube is becoming increasingly popular over the years. But creating a YouTube channel for your community is a great way to get content to your users. Put important content in a funny or interesting video, and you will be amazed at how quickly it spreads. This is also a great way to… Read More »

          Text alerts are a great tool to add to your repertoire in the battle to increase customer retention. Despite the fact that text alerts are extremely easy to send out and can even be automated using our scheduled messaging tool, customers still get the feeling that you personally took time… Read More »

If you own a spa or salon you are familiar with all the challenges that come with that job. You have one-time customers, no-shows (Check out our blog article on avoiding no-shows), and days that business is just slow. Fortunately, text alerts can help with all three of these issues! They can turn one-time customers… Read More »

One of the biggest frustrations that our customers have about subscribers texting in to join is the lack of information you now have about that subscriber.  When someone fills out your generated sign up form, you get all sorts of information about them.  Their name, their number, their email address, and what groups they would… Read More »

Many of our customers have come up with unique ways to use Mobile Text Alerts to supplement their income.  One of the most valuable commodities that exists is information.  And with text alerts, you have the ability to get this information into the hands of people who want it, often charging them monthly. Here are a… Read More »

Outages are something that no company wants to deal with, but are a reality in our world today.  There is simply no way to guarantee 100% uptime in companies that rely on millions of little circuits transferring data back and forth thousands of times every second.  Just ask the over 3 million users of hostgator… Read More »

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