One of the biggest frustrations that our customers have about subscribers texting in to join is the lack of information you now have about that subscriber.  When someone fills out your generated sign up form, you get all sorts of information about them.  Their name, their number, their email address, and what groups they would… Read More »

Many of our customers have come up with unique ways to use Mobile Text Alerts to supplement their income.  One of the most valuable commodities that exists is information.  And with text alerts, you have the ability to get this information into the hands of people who want it, often charging them monthly. Here are a… Read More »

Outages are something that no company wants to deal with, but are a reality in our world today.  There is simply no way to guarantee 100% uptime in companies that rely on millions of little circuits transferring data back and forth thousands of times every second.  Just ask the over 3 million users of hostgator… Read More »

No-shows have increasingly become more and more of a problem in our society. In the good ol’ days, when you made an appointment, it was set in stone. There was not really a way to get a hold of people to change appointments, so they were final. Now today, with the advancements in communications, and… Read More »

A relatively new use for Mobile Text Alerts has developed by several of our customers that are doctors and pharmacies.  They have begun to send reminders to their patients about when to take their pills each day.   Many of their patients are elderly people who do not have accessing to text messages, which is… Read More »

Did you know with Mobile Text Alerts you can schedule text messages to go out later?  Maybe you just want to schedule all your messages for the upcoming week at one time, or maybe you want a message to go out at 2pm, but you will be in a meeting.  Scheduling messages gives you versatility.… Read More »

You may have noticed some intermittent downtime yesterday evening.  Our old web host (hostgator) had 17 hours of downtime.  Needless to say we, promptly moved everything off our servers there, and have migrated to our new host at Digital Ocean.   With the new server we will have an increase in speed, server capacity, and–of… Read More »

One way many of our customers use text alerts are for emergencies.  This is a case where we would rather see text alerts not be used.  Text alerts are a great way to let people know quickly about extreme emergencies: Fires, intruders, weather emergencies, etc.  It is also great for things a little less severe and… Read More »

One of the hardest things to remember in life is not your wife’s birthday, it’s not your anniversary, it’s what day of the week you are supposed to take the trash out to curb to be collected.  The same is true for recycling.  How many times have you missed pick-up because you thought the garbage… Read More »

One industry that has really begun to start utilizing the power of text alerts are apartment complexes.  We now have dozens of apartment complexes that are sending out messages to their residents. What kind of messages are they sending? Rent Reminders Send a text to your residents just to remind them that their rent is… Read More »

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