One great way to use text alerts that many of our churches have utilized, is to send out a Bible verse of the day.   Sign up to receive the Bible verse of the day text alerts at

Summer is right around the corner, here is a list of 6 great summer camp games that are easy to put together, and that your summer camp could start playing this year! Count Off Everyone sits in a circle and the goal is to count to 20.  It seems easy enough, but there are a… Read More »

Everyone remembers how great summer camp was. The activities, the bonfires, the friends, the food (sort of..)  Personally, my favorite part of summer camp was always the pranks. Whether it was putting hair dye in the shampoo bottles or shooting water balloons at the girls overnighter, pranks made summer camp awesome. Now camp can be… Read More »

Over 65% of all the schools in the United States have implemented some kind of alert system to notify parents of announcements, emergencies, etc.  Most of these systems are voice only (automated calling).  The traditional systems do an ok job: They get a hold of about 60% of parents within 3-4 hours, but what about… Read More »

Some of you have pointed out some oddities while using the control panel in the newest Internet Explorer version (Internet Explorer 11).  We are aware of the issues, and are working on a hotfix to take care of them. Thanks for reporting the bugs!  We always appreciate you bringing them to our attention, and we… Read More »

Many people use text messages as a way to recruit to their organization.  Whether this be college coaches (please comply with NCAA guidelines…), businesses, or any other industry that you can think of. Text messages are ideal for recruiting because your potential recruits are more apt to carry a cell phone and respond to your… Read More »

We don’t always have access to a computer, so sometimes it is necessary (or just convenient) to send out a text message by texting in to the system.  Here are step-by-step instructions on how to make this happen. Step 1) Log in to your control panel Open up your web browser and go to “”… Read More »

Well, this might have been a good post to write before daylight savings time, but I didn’t think of it..  Sorry… Did anyone have people at their church/organization miss something because of the time change?  We had many customers who thought ahead and sent out a quick text last night reminding their groups of the change.… Read More »

Cellular phones are a funny thing.  For a long time I had an Android-based Samsung Intercept.  Most things worked pretty well on the phone.  I had a Twitter app that made posting to Twitter a breeze, I had a Facebook app that made checking Facebook updates a cinch.  The phone had one problem though..  I… Read More »

Mobile Text Alerts is mainly used to send out messages to groups, but we also have an SMS API to connect text message sending to any application that exists. This can be very useful in many different situations.  Here are some of the ways that our existing customers are utilizing our SMS API: Sending a… Read More »

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