Classrooms today have a texting epidemic.  Students don’t seem to be able to refrain from going on their phones during class—they’re texting their friends, checking their social media, and all the while the professor/teacher is lecturing to deaf ears.  I witnessed this firsthand in many of my college classes.  And to the frustration of many… Read More »

Many churches have wonderful, thriving children’s ministries.  Nurseries, pre-K programs, Sunday School classes, summer camps, Vacation Bible Schools—there is often a lot going on with children at church.  But with all the activities and programs going on, workers and parents can get overwhelmed.  This is where text alerts can be useful. Summer Bible Camp With… Read More »

A large portion of Mobile Text Alerts customers are churches or religious organizations.  Churches represent exactly the kind of institution that Mobile Text Alerts was designed for, and they have found our services useful.  Not only do churches use text alerts for the typical purposes—information, event cancellations, etc.—but they have also found more personal purposes for… Read More »

San Antonio is one of the latest areas to incorporate a feature that allows citizens to text 911 during an emergency.  Counties in 16 states across the country have already integrated this feature, and these counties have experienced numerous success stories. One woman was able to text 911 when in need of an ambulance after falling… Read More »

Summer is here at last!  Summer means rejoicing because of no school and no homework.  Summer means splashing in the pool or relaxing on the beach.  And for many families, summer means camp.  Many organizations are utilizing text messaging to help make the summer camp experience better.  Here are 4 ways that summer camps can… Read More »

Welcome to Mobile Text Alerts! Here is a walk-through of your Control Panel and all its features. Below is the table of contents for this tutorial, so that you can scroll down or click the link to a specific section as needed: Dashboard Messages: Send a Message Messages: Scheduled Messages Messages: Message Templates Message Replies Subscribers:… Read More »

One event that a lot of people dread is buying a car.  Car dealerships are infamous for being untrustworthy and for trying to rip off their customers.  How can car dealerships bring in new customers and create a brand that people can trust?  One way is through text messaging.  Automotive News reports on a new study from discussing how… Read More »

Out of the myriads of ways to use text messaging, I never thought that pain relief would be one of them!  But that’s exactly what this article from the Boston Globe discusses.  A study was conducted involving patients texting while undergoing minor surgeries.  The results found that people who texted during the surgeries did not need… Read More »

Remember when social media was the big craze?  Everyone who was anyone had a MySpace, and then everyone who was anyone had a Facebook, then a Twitter, and on it went.  Don’t get me wrong – social media is still a big thing.  But for businesses and organizations, texting actually proves to be a better… Read More »

If you’re an author trying to make it in the current market, you know how tough it is to stand out!  Everyone is an author these days, and your voice can get lost in the sea of amateurs.  How can you get yourself heard?  How can you build up your fan base?  Many authors are… Read More »

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