Aamoi I’m sete and rofl (or maybe just loti aamof) about this current topic.  Don’t understand what I’m saying?  I don’t blame you.  Texting lingo has become so elaborate that now at times it’s like reading a whole different language.  At first it was only the young people, but now older people are beginning to… Read More »

The media is all over the place when it comes to the depiction of lawyers and law offices.  Lawyers are portrayed as heroes and as villains, as stringently adhering to ethics and as flagrantly breaking all the rules, as fighting for justice and as fighting just to earn a buck.  But as with any other… Read More »

Texting is on the rise among family members, friends, church congregations, and even businesses!  Gigi Peccolo of the business website OneReach discusses how texting is “widespread, affordable, real-time, and flexible.”  She lists many statistics that prove the importance and potential of texting for any organization. According to Pew Internet, 97% of Americans who own a… Read More »

Imagine you are sitting at home, watching TV or baking brownies or finishing up some work on your computer and all of a sudden the TV cuts off, the oven stops heating, and your computer shuts down.  The hum of clothes washing in the laundry room goes away, all the digital clocks are suddenly blank,… Read More »

It takes a lot to keep a local government functioning, no matter how small.  Whether it’s a township, village, town, city, or county, local government officials need to be able to manage and coordinate well.  They certainly have a lot on their plate, and many local government workers find that sending out text alerts helps… Read More »

More and more I am becoming aware of how much people love texting.  I mean, really love it.  You might even say that we have an obsession.  Don’t believe me?  Here I present some evidence proving humanity’s love for texting. 1. The Phone-brella Have you ever been out in the rain, holding your umbrella, frustrated as you… Read More »

And so it begins. We are already being bombarded with ads, promotions, debates, promises, and everything else that goes along with a presidential campaign.  Candidates on each side are throwing all their effort into becoming our nation’s next leader in 2016’s election. An interesting facet of this presidential campaign is the progressive use of texting. … Read More »

A college or a university is a complicated organism.  You’ve got professors, students, staff, prospective students, parents, and volunteers.  Trying to coordinate all of these people can be exhausting, I’m sure!  One way that some colleges and universities have found to help remain organized is sending out text alerts. Here are 7 ways that colleges… Read More »

  Millennials don’t like talking on the phone or leaving voicemails.  Intuitively we are seeing this all around us.  We hear about how for Millennials, texting is on the rise and about how nobody seems to call anymore.  We see businesses integrating texting into their customer service—from dentists sending out text messages reminding patients of… Read More »

Running a daycare or a preschool is an exhausting task indeed!  Chasing those pint-sized kiddos around, wiping noses, maintaining order in the midst of all the chaos—all in a day’s work.  Daycare workers (and the parents of children in daycare) certainly need all the help they can get. One way that some daycare and preschool… Read More »

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