We all have to deal with people. Whether they are customers, clients, church members, coworkers, or whatever, these interactions happen daily in a professional setting. Sometimes everything goes smoothly. But sometimes, more often than we would like, dealing with people can frustrating. Oh, so very frustrating. Having worked as a telephone interviewer (calling different… Read More »

Youth pastors and church youth group leaders have a tough job. They have to deal with so much—from drama between adolescents with raging hormones to complaining parents with unreasonably high expectations. Truly, youth pastors and leaders don’t get paid enough for their job (if they get paid anything!). Here are some tips that may help… Read More »

After many requests, Mobile Text Alerts now has the ability to make mass phone calls. Text messaging is still considered the most effective way to get a hold of people, but what about those people without text messaging? As hard as it is to believe, there are some people who have not made the jump… Read More »

One severely underutilized area for text alerts is in the hotel industry. Many of our customers have found tremendous success using text alerts to enhance their guests’ experience. Success has been found largely in these two areas: Improving the experience of your guests – This can be done in various ways: Sending out weather information, sending checkout time… Read More »

Does your organization have a plan in place for when an emergency strikes? Who is in charge of what? Who gets word out that there is an emergency in the first place?   Communication is key to handling an emergency effectively. What’s your emergency plan?

As the world moves more and more towards being mobile-driven, many public services have begun taking advantage of the new technology to improve our society. One way many organizations is using text alerts is to cut down on crime.   Starting in June of 2014, the four major wireless carriers started allowing free texts to… Read More »

In 2011 a study by the National Institute of Health showed that phones that were set up to ask questions three times each day to members of drug-rehab such as “Where are you?”, “What are you doing?”, and “How are you feeling?” were extremely beneficial in preventing relapse.   Txt messaging is a great way… Read More »

You’ve seen them shuffling down the street, eyes glued to 4-inch screens, fingers tip-tapping away. To say that young people are in love with their smartphones would be an understatement: It’s more like they’re obsessed, confirms a new study out by Zogby Analytics. Almost 90% of Millennials say their phones never leave their sides. The… Read More »

Something many churches are using to get their congregation more involved is to text the verse of the day.   This is especially useful for the youth in the church who use texting so often. It makes perfect sense to reach these students where they are at, and engage them with the Bible on their… Read More »

Most recent surveys indicate that 90% of adults have a cell phone, and about 60% of Americans have a smart phone. Out of these cell phone users, nearly 30% of them say that their phones are a device they “can’t imagine living without.”   Also, out of these cell phone users, nearly 75% say they… Read More »

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