We live in a text-happy world.  Everyone from 8-year-olds to 88-year-olds seems to be texting! Despite the prevalence of texting throughout society, many people still misuse and abuse it in their everyday lives.  (I suppose it should come as no surprise; people have abused words as long as language has been around!) We need some… Read More »

If you have added MMS messages (media messages) onto your regular texting services, then you are able to send text messages with images, audio, or other media.  This tutorial will walk you through how to navigate the “Send a MMS Message” page. Send Message to a Group From the “Send Message to a Group” box… Read More »

  The key to a person’s heart is through their stomach.  Everyone eats, after all!  What better way to brighten up your co-workers’ (or co-volunteers’) day in the office than by ordering food for all to share? But ordering food for everyone can be pricey—what are the best (inexpensive) places to order in for the… Read More »

Just sending out text alerts won’t automatically make them successful. To really be effective in accomplishing your goals for sending out text messages, you need to plan. You need to craft each message as skillfully as possible to get the most out of each alert sent. But how do you do that? Here are 4… Read More »

Another feature regarding sending messages on your Mobile Text Alerts account is the ability to schedule messages to send out later.  This tutorial will walk you through the “Scheduled Messages” page on your Control Panel.   Correct Time Zone On the “Scheduled Messages” page, you will see this message: Before you schedule any messages, you… Read More »

I forgot. I didn’t know. It just slipped my mind. I was busy. How many times have church leaders heard those phrases, and other similar phrases, as reasons why congregation members didn’t show up to an event?  Sometimes all that people need is a simple reminder—a gentle little push can be just the thing they… Read More »

Contents: I. Billing II. Sending Messages III. Subscribers IV. Keywords V. General   I. BILLING Where can I find pricing information? Pricing information can be found here.   Can we pay month-to-month? Yes, you have the option to pay month-to-month (rather than annually) at a slightly higher monthly fee.  The month-to-month fees are listed here alongside the… Read More »

The most important aspect of your Control Panel is the “Send a Message” page.  This tutorial will walk you through how to navigate this page and send out your messages.   When Should the Message Be Sent? From this box you select the timing of your message.  You can choose to have your message sent… Read More »

Text Alerts vs. Push Notifications When you think about it, the ideas behind both push notifications and SMS text alerts share a lot in common. They both alert you of information relevant to you. They both are conveniently accessible from your personal device (smartphone, tablet, etc.). They are both short and to-the-point. In fact, the only… Read More »

View the video version of this tutorial here: With your Mobile Text Alerts account you can set up and send message templates. Contents: I. What Are Message Templates? II. How Can I Use Message Templates? III. How Do I Create a Message Template? IV. How Do I Send Message Templates? V. How Can I Send Message Templates by… Read More »

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