Within marketing there are two types of customers. Returning customers, and new customers. Many marketers make the mistake of thinking that new customers are what grow your business. Did you know that, in reality, a returning customer has the potential to be five or more times as profitable as a new customer?   This is… Read More »

For over 3 years, this has been the Mobile Text Alerts dashboard: Many of you love it, many of you hate it. We are in the works of releasing a new control panel that is hopefully a little more user-friendly, and makes sending text messages even easier. Here is a sneak preview of the new… Read More »

Creating a brand for hair stylists can in many ways be a lot more difficult than marketing for a product. When you sell headbands, or cell phones, or sweaters (or really about anything else) your customers automatically do the marketing for you. People ask “Where did you get that headband?” or you can print your name… Read More »

It was brought to my attention after our post yesterday about text messaging for churches that many of our churches are using text messaging for an important thing that we forgot to mention. Several churches have had a lot of success following up with guests by text message.   Most churches already have a plan in… Read More »

Technology can be a great asset in improving your congregation’s experience. Obviously, text messaging is not required to have a successful church ministry, but just like a microphone and lights and speakers can all be tools in connecting with your people, text messaging too can be an effective way to improve your ministry.   Text… Read More »

  Text Alerts are not something that are limited to the rich. With Mobile Text Alerts, text alert sending has been made more affordable than ever. Your company/organization can send out unlimited text alerts to up to 175 subscribers for only $11.99/month. Go ahead and try a risk free trial

It is a fact, people love to buy things. Many of our customers have had tremendous success selling things using text alerts.   Create a distribution list, and when you have new things to sell, send out a quick text “Selling a used dryer for $100.” Conveniently, your distribution list can even reply to the… Read More »

Do you have a plan in place to let your group know about severe weather in your area? Much of the midwest cancelled most of their events last night or the night before. If there is a tornado, most people assume that your event is cancelled, but it is not always so cut-and-dry. How do… Read More »

Are you marketing your business using almost solely email? Email marketing is of course still a standard tool for businesses, but if you haven’t gotten on board with text marketing, you are falling behind in your industry.   45% of all businesses of some kind of text marketing plan in place. Are you one of… Read More »

No text messaging campaigns will be successful if you don’t have subscribers signed up to receive the message. You can have the best text messages written, you can have the best text alert provider (Mobile Text Alerts!), but if you don’t have any subscribers, then your campaign will fail. No one will see your message,… Read More »

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