Out of the myriads of ways to use text messaging, I never thought that pain relief would be one of them!  But that’s exactly what this article from the Boston Globe discusses.  A study was conducted involving patients texting while undergoing minor surgeries.  The results found that people who texted during the surgeries did not need… Read More »

Remember when social media was the big craze?  Everyone who was anyone had a MySpace, and then everyone who was anyone had a Facebook, then a Twitter, and on it went.  Don’t get me wrong – social media is still a big thing.  But for businesses and organizations, texting actually proves to be a better… Read More »

If you’re an author trying to make it in the current market, you know how tough it is to stand out!  Everyone is an author these days, and your voice can get lost in the sea of amateurs.  How can you get yourself heard?  How can you build up your fan base?  Many authors are… Read More »

Have you ever sent a text while in the shower?  Or while at a funeral?? Texting, as we know and have discussed before, is definitely convenient and useful, but as with anything there are social protocols that should be followed.  According to this article, many people are engaging in inappropriate texting behavior, texting in situations… Read More »

“Teacher Text” (as described in this Ed Tech Magazine article) is a concept that is rising in popularity.  Teacher Text refers to the utilization of text messages for educational purposes.  I personally have been a student of a professor who engaged in Teacher Text when teaching her Research Methods class.  Here’s how it worked. Opting… Read More »

Maybe you’re religious; maybe you’re not.  But I’ll bet most of you, even those of you who seldom (if ever) go to church, have gone to church at least once in your life on Easter Sunday!  Why does Easter Sunday always coincide with such a rise in church attendance?  Chalk it up to tradition, the… Read More »

Being successful in the music world in this day and age is tough.  With the dawn of technology such as YouTube and Facebook, the market has become saturated with amateurs and aspiring stars trying to fulfill their dreams of fame.  It really takes a lot to stand out. Text Alerts for Musicians But musicians, artists,… Read More »

We often think of smartphones and texting as more of a phenomenon among teenagers and young adults, but more and more of the whole population is jumping on the bandwagon.  According to this study from the Pew Internet Project, 90% of American adults have a cell phone, 58% specifically have a smartphone, and 79% use… Read More »

In my previous blog post, I argued that adults need to reach youth at their level, and that texting is one way to communicate using a method that is relevant to them.  Whether you are a youth pastor/leader, a YMCA mentor, or a soccer coach—anyone who has a position of leadership among youth knows how… Read More »

According to this article, youth ages 12-17 are texting 20% more messages daily than they were just 6 years ago, in 2009.  Youth texting behaviors have increased from a median of 50 messages per day in 2009 to 60 messages per day now.  That’s about 1,800 text messages per month!  That’s the median… The article describes… Read More »

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