Looking for an SMS API to send out text messages? Your account at Mobile-Text-Alerts.com comes with free SMS API access for developers to send out texts. Below is what documentation for our SMS API looks like. Try a free test account today to get a feel for how it works! SMS API Documentation send_message Request… Read More »

Businesses, schools, churches- many organizations are looking for efficient ways to send emergency alerts. Texting can be an efficient supplement to help communicate emergency information! Emails and phone calls work okay and you may continue to use those avenues in addition but those methods are often ignored.   Send Emergency Alerts Via Texting Because People… Read More »

You can now implement 2-factor authentication with your site using your Mobile-Text-Alerts.com API! If you have a developer you can access API information by going to your Settings->Developer Settings on your Mobile Text Alerts control panel. From here you can see your API key, base URL, and documentation. The 2-factor authentication can be implemented by… Read More »

The goal of every business can be said to be reaching out to as many customers as possible but with the population of the world, a one on one meeting is impossible. The advent of technology has turned the world to a global village, business marketers have found a way to tap from the benefit… Read More »

Looking for some good MLM marketing tools to help your business? Multi-level marketing is an interesting industry and independent business owners are always looking for ways to improve sales and increase profits! There is so much to sift through and so much to think about when it comes to what services might benefit your business.… Read More »

Looking for ways to increase profit for your business? Trying to find the best ways to reach customers and keep your product on their minds? How can you best engage and connect with your audience? How can you keep them interested and excited about you and your services? Here is one answer: sending out text… Read More »

Phones are everywhere in the modern world, which makes SMS marketing more relevant than ever. Even only a decade ago, a fraction of the population had access to mobile communication. These days, everyone has a smartphone, including older generations who were once confounded by these devices. SMS marketing is a highly effective means of spreading… Read More »

Pastors and ministry leaders are always looking for ways to improve church communication. What are the best ways to get info out to your congregation? How can you keep everyone in the know? What can you do to make sure everyone has all the info they need? Here are 3 quick tips! Improve church communication… Read More »

Have you ever thought about using a text alert service? Perhaps you’re an independent business owner struggling to get people to show up to your live sales. Perhaps you’re a church leader searching for a solution to keep congregants updated when service is canceled. Perhaps you’re an HR rep wanting to keep employees in the… Read More »

You may be wondering, how effective is SMS marketing really? Do people really respond to marketing text messages? Do people really want to receive marketing text messages? How can you use SMS marketing effectively without irritating your customers? Here are some reasons why SMS marketing is so effective! SMS Marketing is Opt-in The question of… Read More »

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