If you were to walk down a crowded city street, chances are that every person you would see over the age of twelve has a smartphone. Communication is easier now than it ever was, and because the technology is so accessible, even the smallest businesses can take advantage of the opportunity to utilize mobile marketing.… Read More »

Are there right or wrong ways to go about texting? My opinion is yes, just as there are right or wrong ways to go about writing an email or starting a conversation face-to-face. For example, you wouldn’t (typically) just run up to someone and shout in their face. Likewise, there are good and bad ways… Read More »

Is texting still relevant? Is it still prominent, or is it going out of style? Why would you sign up for a mass messaging system? The truth is that texting is alive, well, and growing. More and more organizations are taking advantage of the power of texting as they recognize that it is the best… Read More »

Apple is rolling out its new iPhone update this coming fall and some of the features they’re introducing are quite interesting! Will this new update change how iPhone users use text messaging? Here are 13 new iPhone texting features that you need to be aware of. Using your finger to hand-write messages With the new… Read More »

Texting has now been around for so many years that you’d think it would start getting outdated. But actually, in many ways texting is at its prime. Texting is proving itself to be useful enough to contribute in saving people’s lives in new and innovative ways! Texting 911 One way that text messages are saving lives is… Read More »

Many churches have a problem. They need an efficient way to communicate with their members. Mail can be too slow. Email inboxes get so cluttered that people don’t read their messages. Not everyone has a social media account, and those that do have one don’t read every post that shows up on their feed. This… Read More »

You can change various features of your account from your “Settings” page. This tutorial will walk you through the different aspects that you can edit. Account Settings The first aspect of the “Settings” page is “Account Settings”: This page allows you to change general settings for your account. From here you can change your keyword. Changing… Read More »

Text alerts help transit systems be better organized. Transit systems can be complicated and ever-changing. People who rely on these systems become extremely agitated when their bus is unexpectedly delayed or canceled, or when there is some other unexpected change. Likewise, transit workers can get lost and confused in a mess of miscommunication. Here are… Read More »

If you have not jumped on the text marketing bandwagon yet, you should. The fact that everyone is in to texting right now is self-evident. It’s very rare to meet someone who doesn’t text these days. (Even the elderly are testing the waters when it comes to this convenient method of communication!) With that in mind, text… Read More »

Check out our video tutorial on the basics of sending a message through your Mobile Text Alerts Control Panel!

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