Oh the pressures of being an Olympian! I can’t even imagine the weight and stress involved in competing in the Olympics.  And for someone like Allyson Felix, the pressure is multiplied because of all the expectations piled upon you. I like Allyson Felix, and that’s why it was so heartbreaking to watch the following video from… Read More »

TEXT VERSION: Mass text alerts are great for personal communication! They’re not just for business or non-profit organizations.  Here are fun and creative ways to send text alerts to connect with friends and family. 1. Birthday Parties I don’t know about your family, but my family is huge and constantly growing. It takes a lot… Read More »

Thousands of Olympic athletes. Hundreds of different events. How is it possible to select the top Olympic athletes of all time? You may be surprised to find that there seems to be a general consensus when it comes to lists such as this (see lists from NBC, SportsMuntra, and Bleacher Report). There are particular athletes that have… Read More »

Sweat, tears, excitement, intrigue— The Olympic Games cause a stir among people all over the world! The Thrills From Michael Phelps blowing past Olympians out of the water with his 26th medal (22 of which are gold medals) to the tense expectations surrounding Simone Biles as she successfully attempted to become the all-around champion for women’s… Read More »

Ever wonder what happens when you hit “Send” after typing out a text message? Where do your texts go?  How does the other person end up receiving the message on their end? A newly trending YouTube video seeks to satisfy your curiosity and help you understand a bit about this process.  This video has been out for… Read More »

Who knew text alerts had so many uses? Hundreds and thousands of individuals, organizations, and industries use text alerts to connect with their audience. From small businesses to educational institutions to health offices, there are so many different kinds of industries that recognize the benefits! Don’t believe me? In no particular order, here are 75… Read More »

  Texting can increase sales conversions! But how do I go about it? Where to start? What can I do to help ensure a successful SMS campaign? Pamela Hazelton of PracticalEcommerce offers some great tips on how texting can boost conversions. Hazelton remarks, “SMS has the advantage of reaching [consumers] instantly, and potentially during times when… Read More »

You have spoken and we have listened: the Mobile Text Alerts app for your mobile device is finally here! With the mobile app, you can easily and conveniently access your Mobile Text Alerts dashboard from your smartphone or tablet. This works great for those times when you can’t get to a computer!   Send a… Read More »

As more and more brands start using MMS, it’s time to join them and explore what this medium could do for your next marketing campaign. MMS allows you to go beyond the normal restrictions of text marketing, including wordcounts and the need for basic characters, to show a little more. With an MMS you can… Read More »

The government spends money on things it shouldn’t. Regardless of our political opinions, I’m sure we all can agree with that statement from time to time. For example: A lot of these things are admittedly pretty crazy (on the surface at least). It really is no surprise that the government spent over $5.5 million on… Read More »

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