Education is so important! Our society is built around the necessity to be able to read, write, and do basic math. Parents, teachers, and school administrators constantly look for ways to improve the education system so that our kids can have the best possible future ahead of them. Can texting help? A study in the… Read More »

Need a little inspiration? At the heart of Mobile Text Alerts is communication.  But let’s face it, our everyday interactions can become dry and routine. These 8 quotes may be just what you need to inspire your communication and change your thinking around!  Maybe you can apply the concepts in these quotes to your own text… Read More »

One of the awesome features of your Mobile Text Alerts system is the ability for subscribers to be added to your list by texting your keyword in to our system. The issue some people have with this text-in feature is that they think it doesn’t allow subscribers to include as much information as the sign-up… Read More »

Customer support is hard. It requires delicate interpersonal skills and a lot of discernment. Support reps can use all the help and reminders they can get! In light of this, here are 6 things you should never do when speaking to a customer. (Did you know you can connect with your customers via text alerts?… Read More »

Summer has caught up to us so quickly! Seems like yesterday I was writing about 10 ways to use text alerts during Christmas and here we are ready for Christmas in July! And just like Christmas, summer is a perfect time to take advantage of text alerts as well. Here are 10 ways you can… Read More »

Do you want to know one of the top uses people have for text alerts? I’ll give you a hint: it has to do with the outdoors and it rhymes with Heather. Weather text alerts are immensely popular across a vast variety of organizations, from banks to churches to YMCA’s. What Are “Weather Text Alerts”?… Read More »

Maybe you’re struggling to get the most out of your text alert system.  Maybe you’re going strong but just want to make sure you’re getting everything out of your text alerts that you possibly can.  Or perhaps you are contemplating purchasing a system and want to know details about all the features Mobile Text Alerts… Read More »

If you were to walk down a crowded city street, chances are that every person you would see over the age of twelve has a smartphone. Communication is easier now than it ever was, and because the technology is so accessible, even the smallest businesses can take advantage of the opportunity to utilize mobile marketing.… Read More »

Are there right or wrong ways to go about texting? My opinion is yes, just as there are right or wrong ways to go about writing an email or starting a conversation face-to-face. For example, you wouldn’t (typically) just run up to someone and shout in their face. Likewise, there are good and bad ways… Read More »

Is texting still relevant? Is it still prominent, or is it going out of style? Why would you sign up for a mass messaging system? The truth is that texting is alive, well, and growing. More and more organizations are taking advantage of the power of texting as they recognize that it is the best… Read More »

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