Your dashboard summary is the first thing you see when you log in to your Mobile Text Alerts account.  It shows many details of your entire account at a glance. This tutorial will explain all the features of this useful page.   Navigation Bar On the left side of your screen you will see the… Read More »

  Texting is becoming more and more common among professionals in the business world.  It is now commonplace to text your boss, co-workers, employees, clients, and vendors.  But business texting is not the same as personal texting—how do you know what kinds of texts are appropriate in a business setting? I’ve been reading up on… Read More »

  Jury No-Shows Many local governments have a problem with jurors not showing up when summoned.  LegalZoom reports that “as much as 80 percent of the population [are] shirking jury duty in some counties.”  And then comes the unpleasant affair of trying to get a hold of these duty-shirkers and administering appropriate punishment. Many of… Read More »

After many requests, we are happy to announce a new feature that you can add on to your Mobile Text Alerts services: MMS Messages! What is an MMS Message? Your normal text messages are SMS (short message service) messages.  SMS messages are convenient and useful, but there is no capability for them to include images,… Read More »

  How can banks improve communication?  The bank industry is ever-changing and adapting to keep up with the times.  In order to remain relevant, like any business, they must conform to the needs of their customers.  In addition, banks as places of employment are learning new methods to communicate with employees in a way that… Read More »

Christmas is a time full of friends, family, events, and numerous activities!  It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season.  How can text messaging help you stay organized?  Here are 10 ways you can use text alerts during Christmas time.   Coordinate office holiday parties. Let co-workers know times,… Read More »

Texting while walking strikes again.  This really must be a more serious problem than I thought.  It even found its way into the Accident Prevention and Analysis journal in a study that concluded, “Using a mobile phone while walking puts pedestrians at risk of accident, injury or death.” Sounds pretty serious!  Data from the study… Read More »

Setting up administrators allows several advantages. It allows multiple people access to send messages from your Control Panel. It allows group leaders to send messages by texting in with their own personal phones. It allows group leaders to send text messages from their own personal email addresses. Table of contents: I. Setting up Administrators II.… Read More »

Can investment firms reach out to clients via texting? According to InvestmentNews, the answer is yes!  “[Text messaging] is a great way to keep in touch without being overly intrusive,” says the founder of Wilson David Investment Advisors, Kathryn Hauer.  Hauer and other investment firm leaders are beginning to see the value in sending out… Read More »

We are excited to announce a new feature for Mobile Text Alerts customers: a message replies inbox!  With this new feature, when you send out a message, any replies to your message can be viewed from your “Message Replies” page on your Control Panel.   You can see the name, number, and date/time that your… Read More »

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