Did you know that with Mobile Text Alerts you can send a message directly from your mobile phone by texting in to our system’s number 229-299-8227?  You can easily cut through all the steps involved in logging in to your control panel to send out messages! You can read our brief walkthrough of how to… Read More »

There was a day and age when schools used phone calls as the primary means of communicating with parents and students.  Then along came emails, and that method of communication was added to the mix.  Now we have an even more effective method to integrate: texting! Niagara Falls City School District is an example of… Read More »

There are all sorts of features of your Mobile Text Alerts system that you may not be aware of!  Here are 7 useful features. Schedule a message to go out later You can easily schedule a message to go out at a specific date/time from your “Send a Message” page.  Just select the “Schedule Message to Go… Read More »

A useful feature of Mobile Text Alerts is the ability to set up administrators for your account. Setting up administrators allows several advantages. It allows multiple people access to send messages from your Control Panel. It allows group leaders to send messages by texting in with their own personal phones. It allows group leaders to… Read More »

Ever get stuck and need some ideas for using your text alert system?  Sometimes the possibilities are so vast that you can get paralyzed trying to think of what to do next!  Ever wonder how other people use their text alert system? Here are some ideas to help you get “un-stuck”: Remind subscribers of contribution… Read More »

I keep seeing it over and over again: strange stories and reports of people texting while walking.  From falling into manholes to getting your leg stuck in a street drain to walking into a bear, there have been all sorts of humorous accidents due to “wexting” (walking and texting). But the pitfalls of texting while… Read More »

The ability to organize your subscribers into groups is a useful feature of Mobile Text Alerts, enabling you to send out messages to different groups (such as “choir,” “staff,” or other relevant groups) rather than having to individually select recipients every time you want to send a message. This tutorial will walk you through how… Read More »

Every Mobile Text Alerts account comes with free API access for developers to send out messages.  Here are instructions for using the API (contact us to receive your unique API key).   Format: https://mobile-text-alerts.com/rest?key=yourAPIKey&request=yourRequest All requests can be sent as either GET or POST requests.   Requests: Send Message  https://mobile-text-alerts.com/rest?number=1234567890&key=yourAPIKey&request=send_message&message=This+is+your+message Parameters number – The number… Read More »

If you asked a random person on the street, “What does Easter mean to you?” – you might get a lot of different kinds of answers! “Easter is a time for family.” “Easter is the one day a year I go to church.” “Easter is about eggs and candy!” These and dozens of other perspectives… Read More »

If you have a list of subscribers you want to import into your account, you can do so from the “Import Subscribers” page. Format and Template This message will appear at the top of the page, explaining what format your spreadsheet needs to be in: You can also click on the “template spreadsheet” link to… Read More »

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