It’s that time of year again: Snow falls, streets get slick and events get canceled. Should you use text alerts for weather cancellations? Text alerts can be a great tool to help get the word out that offices are closed or an event is canceled due to weather. (You can even use a Message Template… Read More »

Did you know that you can not only send text messages by logging into our online control panel on our website but you can also download our mass texting app? Our mass texting app is available for iOS and Android so you can download it from your app store for free! You just need to… Read More »

Looking for a way to get started with LuLaRoe texting? Or perhaps you’ve used texting for your LuLaRoe business and are looking for ways to improve? Many LuLaRoe retailers have benefitted from using text alerts for their business to increase sales and reach their customers! Here are some tips for how to get the most… Read More »

Have you ever wondered how to send mass text messages? Let’s say you’re a business marketer and want to send a promotion to your customers. Or perhaps you’re a pastor and you want to let your congregants know that services are canceled due to weather. Or suppose you’re an HR manager and want to let… Read More »

Have you considered using a business texting service? points out some statistics from other companies such as “nine out of 10 consumers want to communicate with brands and companies by text” and how 90% of the leads from a particular company preferred texting to phone calls. But can a business texting service really help… Read More »

Have you ever thought about texting for Black Friday to help your business? Black Friday is an opportune time for businesses to get a lot of sales quickly by offering irresistible deals. Shoppers love getting a great deal and for this reason they love Black Friday! Deal shopping can almost become an addiction in itself,… Read More »

Sending text reminders can be a hugely effective way to get people to show up to events, sales, and appointments! It’s also quick and easy. 🙂 Here are a few quick tips to walk you through! Sending Text Reminders for Sales Many people use text alerts to get people to show up to their sales.… Read More »

Mass text messaging, huh? Is that something you really want to take on? Is it really worth the effort? According to a Pew Research survey in 2011 73% of “adult cell phone owners” text and for 18-29 year olds that percentage went up to 95%! Not only that but according to Mobile Text Alerts text alerts boast a… Read More »

Facebook Live is a wonderful way to grow not just a business but a community. It’s already been tapped by forward-thinking entrepreneurs striving for success. But there’s a problem. With Facebook Live you have to worry about keeping your audience from week to week. How can you keep people showing up to your live sales… Read More »

Looking for SMS marketing tips? You know people love texting and pay closer attention to texts than to emails, social media posts, or even phone calls. But you’re just not sure how to go about sending those messages. What kinds of SMS marketing messages would people want to receive? How often would they want to… Read More »

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