Text version: 5 Awesome Upgrades to Enhance Your Text Alert Experience The ability to send out mass text messages with the click of your mouse or the tap of your finger is extremely useful.  But did you know you have some awesome upgrades to your text alert system?  Here are some upgrades to enhance… Read More »

Fall is officially here! Fall is a favorite time of year for many people. Leaves change colors and descend from the trees. The air turns brisk. Stores promote pumpkin-flavored everything. Jackets come out of the closet and become an item of apparel worn daily. With fall come a lot of fun events: pumpkin patch outings,… Read More »

Two words: professional texting. The professional texting phenomenon has become so prevalent today that it is almost the norm. We text our coworkers, bosses, clients, and employees on a regular basis. What are the rules for these kinds of texting interactions? Texting etiquette is difficult enough when it comes to your average, everyday interactions. Now… Read More »

Sales requires customers, and customers need great offers. In 2015, United States smartphone penetration existed at 75 percent, reinvigorating old ideologies surrounding the mobile phenomenon. Now, most American adults have a smartphone—and they’re engaging strong-willed business gurus ready to make a change. Mobile networking dominates modern communication, and both B2B and B2C realms have been… Read More »

Can texting actually help people be more active? A lack of physical activity is clearly an issue in our society. Many of us spend 8 hours a day behind a desk staring at a computer.  This is certainly not conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Our jobs absorb us and sometimes hours pass before we realize we haven’t… Read More »

  After-school activities and recreation are often just as important to the development of school-aged children as their time in the classroom, if not more so. These activities are great for parents who want their kids to socialize and be active beyond the classroom. Why after-school activities are important for kids Whether it’s sports, rec… Read More »

“Keyword” is a term we throw around a lot here at Mobile Text Alerts. But it’s not really a term people use much in everyday conversation. So what is a “keyword” in regards to your text alert account? What do you need to know about using text alert keywords? Definition To put it simply, your… Read More »

What do court dates, reading programs, and positive affirmations have in common? Text alerts. And what does sending text alerts have to do with these things? Here are 3 ways that sending text alerts helps solve 3 unique problems. Court date reminders Some counties turn to text reminders to help reduce the number of no-shows… Read More »

  Instinctively we assume that young people love texting. We see teens staring at their phones at the mall. We notice young adults texting during meetings. But how do we really know that young people love texting? Is it all just circumstantial observation? No way. Youth’s love for texting is a real phenomenon. Here are… Read More »

Opinions are valuable. Whether you are part of a business, non-profit entity, government organization, or anything else, it’s important to pay attention to the opinions of your employees, customers, or members! But how can you collect these opinions? One word: surveys. The problem arises in getting people to actually complete these surveys. This is where… Read More »

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