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Here’s Why Your Emails & Social Posts Are Lost in the Shuffle (And What to Do Instead)

Do you feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle trying to get your customers to notice your messages in their busy social feeds or crowded inboxes?

Despite your best efforts to post on social media and email your customers, you’re still seeing low engagement rates on your posts and open rates that are well below what you’d like.

Fortunately, today’s article will shed some light on this all too common frustration.

As it turns out, there are 6 reasons why your messages could be getting lost in the shuffle — and we’ll tackle all of them today.

You’ll also learn an alternative solution to help you bypass these issues and connect with your audience.

So let’s get started with the first problem on our list, which is actually a fairly simple fix to get right.

#1: You’re Sending and Posting at the Wrong Time

No matter how great your post or email, if you’re sending them to your target audience at the wrong time, you’ll never see the engagement rates you’re looking for.

See, while it may be convenient for you to send during a specific time, if your target audience is too busy in that time frame, your messages will go unnoticed and your hard work will be wasted.

To combat this, you need to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Think: What times are they free during their day?

If you’re targeting parents, early morning and afternoon messages can easily get lost to more important tasks like taking the kids to school and carpooling to after school activities.

But you also don’t want to catch your audience too late or they’ll be busy preparing dinner and winding down for the day.

You may find that sending messages during a typical lunch hour works best here to capture your specific audience’s attention.

This time also works well for audiences in an office setting since it’s usually a free period for them too.

So rather than sending out a message right when you create it, consider scheduling your messages to launch at just the right time.

Keep in mind, narrowing down the optimal time to send your message is only half the battle. You should also consider which days you’re sending messages and sharing posts too.

#2: You’re Not Sending Them on the Right Day

The beginning of the week is just too hectic for most people. They’re usually recovering from the weekend and jumping right into a busy week.

That makes sending your messages during this time a not-so-great idea.

Generally, you’re better off sending messages during the middle part of the week (think: Tuesday to Thursday) instead of Monday. Friday is also a day commonly associated with low engagement rates since people tend to check out and look forward to the weekend by then.

But even this can change depending on your business.

For example, if you’re holding an event or sale over the weekend, you may want to send a message on both Thursday and Friday to nudge people to your next event.

By doubling up on timely reminders, you’ll ensure that people don’t forget about your message or your upcoming event.

So imagine your target audience and consider how their week unfolds. Then make sure to account for special messages for specific events.

Even still, you may run into this next problem.

#3: You’re Trying Too Hard to Break Through the Noise

Have you ever noticed that whenever you post something on the social media platforms connected to your business, you see lower engagement rates than when you post on your personal ones?

This time, it’s not you.

Facebook and other social platforms are trying to get you to buy ads with them.

So if their algorithm detects a business promotion, they’re going to give your post less weight in your audience’s social feed.

This means your audience won’t see your messages as planned and they’ll get buried under funny memes and silly cat videos.

Fortunately, there’s a better solution: using an online SMS service, as I’ll show you later in today’s article.

But before I dive into that, you may need to own up to a problem many face that, unfortunately, an online SMS service won’t be able to help you with.

#4: Your Communication is Inconsistent at Best

Think back to the last time you posted something or sent an email out to your audience. How long ago was that?

What about the time before that?

And the one before that?

If your answers are spotty, this is the first area you need to tackle.

See, your audience craves consistency. They want to know when they’ll hear from you each week and they’ll come to expect to hear from you at the same time.

But that’s only if you can keep your posting consistent.

If you’re lacking in this department, you’ll be stuck in an endless cycle of waking up your subscribers and hoping they remember why they subscribed to your messages in the first place.

Inconsistent communication makes it so much harder to get your messages across.

On the flipside, when you create consistency, your audience will keep an eye out for your messages specifically. That small shift in behavior will drastically improve how many subscribers read and engage with your messages.

Then again, if your messages are guilty of this next issue, consistency will only go so far.

#5: Your Messages are Too Long

Most of us are short on time and your target audience is no exception. This makes sifting through long, wordy messages virtually impossible.

Your messages need to be strategic and succinct. And this advice goes for both social media and email.

Try to optimize each of your messages so they only include the most important points first and then supporting ones with additional details to follow.

A better solution, as you’ll see towards the end of this article, is to use an online SMS service to send out a short message that captures your subscriber’s attention. Then, you can link them to your additional details for more.

One reason why this works so well is because text messages bypass the growing problem with social media algorithms, as I’ll discuss next.

#6: Social Algorithms Are Constantly Changing

You’ve probably noticed that both search and social media algorithms are constantly changing. And that’s because both channels are heavily pushing users to purchase ads to boost their posts.

This means that it’s that much harder to get your posts noticed organically.

On top of that, Facebook added a separate Explore Feed that most people don’t even know exists, as we discussed in this article.

Thanks to this feature, your posts may be going to a feed no one is even using. And if that’s happening, obviously no one is going to see your messages either.

Luckily, there’s a way to get around all of this.

Instead of worrying about how the next algorithm update will impact your business, an online SMS service will ensure your messages always get delivered.

Here’s What to Do Instead: Use an Online SMS Service

An online SMS service gives you the ability to communicate with your customers using text messages.

As I touched on in this article, text messages are a great communication method since:

  • They’re fast. Your message is usually delivered within seconds.
  • They have the strongest open rates. Most users see open rates as high as 99%.
  • They don’t require an internet connection. Even if your subscriber’s WiFi signal is low, they can still receive your texts.
  • There’s no learning curve. Over 81% of Americans are texters,” and most people prefer them over other forms of communication.

When you compare email and social media outreach, text messages have far less in the way of competition for your customer’s attention.

The good news: Your messages have a much better chance of standing out, getting opened, and being read.

You can also schedule your text messages to launch at specific times. Find the most convenient day and time for your target audience and you’ll place your messages right where they’ll get noticed best.

SMS messaging services will also provide you with a link report that can show you how many clicks your link received. This makes it easy to figure out what’s working for your audience.

And, because text messages are short and sweet, you’ll have a higher chance of your subscribers actually reading your entire message.

If you need to add additional information, simply include a link with a call to action at the bottom of your text and send your subscribers to your homepage, a landing page, or a Facebook event page. A simple: “Click here for more info” should do the trick.

You can also set up reminder texts that send gentle nudges to your customers as your sale or special event approaches. This ensures that your brand stays top of mind for them even as their schedules start to fill up.

Thanks to text messages, you won’t need to fight your way through cluttered social feeds or jam-packed inboxes ever again. Your messages and posts will stand out and command the attention they deserve.

To get started with an online SMS service today, check out this page.


By Neil Patel Digital

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