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When NOT to Text – Texting Behaviors

texting behavior

Have you ever sent a text while in the shower?  Or while at a funeral??

Texting, as we know and have discussed before, is definitely convenient and useful, but as with anything there are social protocols that should be followed.  According to this article, many people are engaging in inappropriate texting behavior, texting in situations that most would consider to be “socially unacceptable.”  So for the sake of clarity I thought I would write up a non-comprehensive list of times when it is not appropriate to text.

In church

Unless the pastor is using texts as part of the sermon, generally speaking we should refrain from texting during the church service.  I mean, really, it’s only 1-2 hours or so out of our week—are we really incapable of staying off our phones for that short a time period?

On a date/outing

Whether it’s a date with our spouse (or boyfriend/girlfriend), lunch with one of our best friends, or a one-on-one dinner with our child, whoever we are with should get our full attention.  We should cherish the one-on-one time we get with people, and texting during these times can really put a damper on good conversation.

In class

For college or high school students, unless you are part of a classroom in which the teacher utilizes text messaging as part of the instruction (a la teacher text), you should not be texting your friends and family during class.  In my college classes I witnessed many people doing this (and, admittedly, I may have done it a time or two myself), but it really is rude and disrespectful.  And it is very noticeable, to both the instructor and the classmates around you.

During a funeral

This should go without saying, but according to the results in the article above, people actually do this!  Honestly, during a funeral service?  That’s just tasteless.  Enough said.


So although texting is a wonderful and useful tool, let’s be sure to use it with wisdom.  Like any tool, it can be abused.  That being said, happy texting!

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