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Newest Facebook Algorithm Update Will Make Page Posts Nearly Invisible

If you thought you had a hard time reaching your group via Facebook before, it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

Facebook is planning on creating a new, second “feed” in your Facebook account. Your normal feed, will be called your “News Feed,” and this new second feed will be called the “Explore feed.”

The News feed will be similar to the feed you see now, containing mostly your friend’s posts and updates. But when your groups you are a part of, and pages you follow post something, it will now go in your “Explore feed.”

Here’s a look at the new “Explore Feed”:
New Facebook Feed

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How will this affect LuLaRoe Retailers?

These changes might not seem like a big deal to you, but they have huge implications if you are using Facebook to notify your customers.

Once this Facebook update is released, your customers will have to click the “Explore feed” in order to see anything that you post. It won’t show up by default in their news feed.

I don’t know about you, but I have a feeling that most people will rarely take the time to switch over to an “explore” feed.

Gmail did something similar last year (Adding a “Social” tab to email accounts), and open rates for emails that end up in this “Social tab” are terrible. I imagine Facebook post rates will be just as bad.

If you are still using Facebook as your only means of notifying customers of live sales, promos, giveaways, etc, you will need to find another way very quickly.

These changes have already gone into affect in six countries, and could go into affect elsewhere very soon.

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  • Where did you get this information from? I have heard and read articles saying FB is only doing this to page posts and not groups.

  • Hi, Facebook hasn’t given a ton of details about their algorithm changes (they don’t want people to be able to take advantage of the algorithm). But they have said “They will prioritize posts from friends and family,” which we are taking as meaning group posts will also be affected.

    I’ve talked to probably 300 LLR retailers who say they aren’t getting views on their group posts in addition to page posts