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New MMS Improvements

We’ve been working hard to improve your MMS messaging experience and make the MMS feature even more valuable for you!

For those who don’t know, MMS messages are multimedia messages that allow you to attach images or other media. They also allow you to include up to 1550 characters in your messages so that you don’t have to worry about longer messages splitting up into multiple parts.

We’ve added some additional features to our MMS services that we think you’ll find useful!  (For information on our MMS packages, you can go here.)

Scheduled MMS Messages

You can now schedule MMS messages to go out at a later date/time. This function works just like the regular scheduled message function: from the “Send an MMS Message” page you can select to “Schedule the Message to be Sent at a Later Date”:

You can the select the date/time you would like the message to go out, as well as how often (if at all) you would like the message to repeat:

You can then scroll down to select the recipients for the message, upload an attachment, type out the message content, and click “Schedule Message.” Your message will then go out the date and time specified.

You can manage your Scheduled MMS Messages from the “Scheduled MMS Messages” page on your control panel.

Sent MMS Messages Report

The “Sent MMS Messages Report” has been amplified to give you more information on your messages. The report now gives you a complete list of every number your message was sent to, as well as a delivery status for each number. Possible delivery statuses are as follows:

  • Delivered – The message was confirmed delivered by the recipient’s carrier.
  • Sent – The message was successfully sent by our system but the carrier does not provide enough information to confirm successful or unsuccessful delivery.
  • Failed or Undelivered – The message was confirmed failed or undelivered.
  • Unknown – Information on delivery status for this number is unavailable.

MMS Templates

You are now able to set up MMS templates, just as you can with regular message templates. This allows you to set up a template that you can easily send again in the future without having to fill out all the information again. Go to the “MMS Templates” page and click the “Create an MMS Template” button to set up a template:

Enter the information for your template and click “Save Template”:

Your template will then be added to the “MMS Templates” page and anytime you would like to send that message you can click the “Send Template” icon. This will take you to the “Send an MMS Message” screen, and all you have to do is select the recipients for your message, scroll to the bottom of the screen, and click “Send Message” for your template to be sent.

Drip Campaigns

Every MMS plan now includes the ability to set up drip campaigns on the “Drip Campaigns” page. Drip campaigns allow you to set up a series of MMS messages to be automatically sent to people over a specified period of time. You can view our tutorial on how to set up a drip campaign here.

MMS Link Tracking

You can now track the links you send via MMS, including tracking the number of times each link has been clicked. To track links, click the “Insert Link” button when sending your message to input a link into the message:

You can then view information for your link from the “MMS Link Tracking” page:

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