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New Features: Insert Link and Name

You may have noticed some new buttons appear on your Send Message page. These are some free new features I’m excited to tell you about!

Insert link

The new “Insert Link” button allows you to automatically shorten a link to make it more suitable for sending in a text message format. This helps you set up your message so that it doesn’t split in the middle of a link. It also makes the link more readable to your audience.


All you need to do is click the “Insert Link” button and a window will pop up in which you can type the URL for your link:


Type out the URL, click “OK,” and your shortened URL will be inserted into the text box for your message:


There’s even a new “Link Tracking” report that helps you keep track of your links and allows you to see how many subscribers have clicked on each one:


First and last name

In addition to the “Insert Link” button, there are also “Insert First Name” and “Insert Last Name” buttons:


Clicking these buttons will insert “[first name]” and “[last name]” into your text box for your message:


These will automatically translate to the first name or last name for each individual subscriber who receives the message.

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