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How to Send Message Templates

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With your Mobile Text Alerts account you can set up and send message templates.



I. What Are Message Templates?

II. How Can I Use Message Templates?

III. How Do I Create a Message Template?

IV. How Do I Send Message Templates?

V. How Can I Send Message Templates by Texting in from My Phone?


I. What Are Message Templates?

With Message Templates, you can save templates for messages that you send out often, so that you don’t have to type in the same message every time you want to send it out.  This feature can save time and hassle for you and can make your overall Mobile Text Alerts experience easier.


II. How Can I Use Message Templates?

Message templates are useful for many different situations.  Some examples include:

  • A message template to remind church members of recurring intermittent events.
    • If a Bible study meets irregularly, for example, you could set up a message template and remind people the day before each meeting is scheduled.
  • A message template to make employees aware of shift needs.
    • Creating a message template that says “We need more people on day shift tomorrow” or something similar can save you time on days when you need to send these kinds of alerts.
  • A message template to inform your customers of cancellations due to weather.
    • You can set up a message template letting people know that your facilities will be closed for the day; then all you have to do is log in and send the message on days when you decide to close.
  • A message template to alert employees about an emergency.
    • If you purchase text alerts to use in case of an emergency, message templates may literally be a lifesaver. You could have a template that says “Building-wide emergency; please evacuate immediately,” and the ability to send out that message without needing to type it in could save precious minutes.
  • And countless other situations!


III. How Do I Create a Message Template?

Creating your message templates is easy.

  • Step 1: Log in to your account.
  • Step 2: Click on the “Message Templates” link under “Messages” on the left-side navigation bar.message-templates-navigation
  • Step 3: Click the green “Create a Message Template” button.


  • Step 4: Type a name for your message template and type out the message content into the text box that appears.


  • Step 5: Click “Save Template” and you’re done! Your message template will now appear on the “Message Template” page.



IV. How Do I Send a Message Template?

Once you have created a message, all that you need to do to send it is click the “Send Template” icon on the row of whichever template you want to use.


This will take you to the “Send a Message” page, from which you can select the recipients of the message.


Click the “Edit” icon to edit the content of your message template.



V. How Can I Send a Message Template by Texting in from My Phone?

With your Mobile Text Alerts account you are also able to send out a message template from your phone by conveniently texting in a keyword.

As an example, let’s say you always send out the same text to your employees when the office is closed due to inclement weather. You can now set this up in your Message Templates and assign the message a name (let’s call it “Weather”):


If an administrator for the account wants to send this message out, all they need to do is follow the guidelines for sending a message via text and put the template name inside < > signs (<Weather>) instead of typing out the message content.

For example, if a Super Administrator sent “All <Weather>” (no quotes) to 229-299-8227, it will send the message template in the screenshot above to everyone on the account.

Now you can quickly send out full messages just by typing a couple words and hitting “Send”!

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