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New Dashboard Coming Soon!

Mobile Text Alerts is working on releasing a new dashboard for its users.  Our existing “Control Panel” has served us well, but after 3 years we’ve decided its time for a change.



So we would like your input.  What features would you like to see on the new control panel?  What are some pain-points in our current control panel?  What could be made easier?  What do you like about our current control panel and wouldn’t want to see changed?

Thanks for your input!

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  • I’ve had the most trouble remembering to change the outgoing email address after our youth pastor has used the site. If it was on the same page as the outgoing message, it would be helpful — or, have the login credentials tied to the outgoing email.

    Also, it would be nice to be able to click a group and see all the numbers/names tied to it. I often get confused and have to reorient myself after not using the site for several months.

    • Hi Ellen,
      Yes, we have plans to revamp the Users functionality so that different Users have different from addresses. That should hopefully help with that!

      We will be working on the group functionality as well and making it a little easier to select groups and see who is in each group.

      Thanks for the suggestions!

  • That’s great news. We love being able to send out one mass text to our whole firm when needed.
    A couple troublesome points I’ve noticed:
    ~The view, whether it’s all members, or the members of a certain group, it’s not always clear
    ~Adding new users, sometimes it doesn’t save all the info and I have to re-enter it
    ~Adding new members sometimes automatically finds the wrong carrier – so texts don’t go through until I go in to change it

  • I would LOVE to see the “Clear Message” button where the “Send Message” button is and the “Send Message” where the “Clear Message” button is. When using the dashboard on a mobile phone I can’t tell you how many times I have accidentally cleared a message I meant to send 🙂

    Other than that, I adore the control panel as is 🙂

  • We find that it is difficult to select the correct groups at times. We have to click on the group then click on show members then select them. But when we go to the next group the view stays the same on the selection. This would be a great fix. A new and cleaner interface would be great and probably solve this issue. Something more web based.

    As for enhancements, we use the service for very particular events. If we could stage our canned message and then just select a group to send to instead of typing a new message again it would save us lots of time. It would also make sure that we are sending a consistent message.

    Great service though.

    • Hi Joey,
      Yes, we plan on completely redoing the interface, so that should clear some of that up.

      We have had several people request saving templated messages as well, we’ll get that worked in.


    • Hi Caleb,
      Absolutely, the new control panel should be 100% responsive and mobile-friendly, we also have an iPhone and Android app on the Horizon. Thanks for the suggestions.

  • Here are two changes we would like to see:
    1. Character count available when scheduling a message. The character count is currently only on the “Send Message” tab.
    2. Different time zones available (not just CT).

    We like being able to view the groups each individual is in. We also like the function of sending separate texts to individual groups.

    • Hi Gracie,
      Yes, the Schedule Message functionality was an add-on after the original control panel was built. Hopefully with the new interface there should be plenty of room for a character count there as well.

      And yes, timezone will be an option that can be set from the new control panell.

      Thanks for the feedback!

    • Yes, we’re going to see what we can do with this. Some phones allow more characters than others, so we may be able to at least get the messages through on phones that allow more characters, and then only split on phones that need it split.


  • Wants:
    A very mobile friendly version as many times we’re needing to send that alert and only have our phone handy. The current works alright if you don’t have to scroll to select individuals or groups.
    Saved alerts or templates to re-use quickly
    A way to report what was sent and to whom, if needed to show audit or executive team

    It works and is simple to use
    That you can visually confirm individuals that have been selected when choosing groups.
    Recurring and scheduled alerts is great to have

    • Hi Brad,
      Yes, the new control panel should be 100% responsive and mobile friendly. In the meantime, if you don’t feel like using the control panel, you can actually send out messages by texting in to the system as well (

      We’ve also had several requests for message templates, so that will definitely be a feature that is added.

      We will be implementing more sophisticated reporting as well. Thanks for al the suggestions!

  • I would lime to be able to include more characters in my text messages. When I have a relatively large message to send, it breaks it up and is received in pieces that are all out of order; it can be confusing.

    • Hi Kenny,
      Yes, this is a common request, we are going to see what we can do with it. At the worst, we should be able to get messages to at least come in the order they are sent!

      Thanks for the feedback

    • Hi Matthew,
      Yes, we had many requests to be able to have message templates, so we will definitely be including that in the new control panel.

      Thanks for your suggestion!

  • You should add a “confirm send” option. Whenever I use your current system, I’m afraid that I’m going to send my message before I’m ready to. It would be nice if when you click “send” a confirmation box would pop up with the message text asking you if you are sure you want to send the message, allowing for one last opportunity to fix any typos.

  • I would like to see a column added that displays the date the user was added to the list and the group the user belongs to. I have employees that sign up and sometimes choose the incorrect dealership/store/group they belong to. With this added info, I can easily see what needs to be adjusted. Thank you.

  • Service is great, but there’s definitely a learning curve with the dashboard.
    -I have not found a logout button, I always just close my browser
    -I have mistakenly deleted users rather than removing them from a specific group, which is what I wanted to do, so make the remove feature more clear (perhaps call that delete)
    -It would be great to be able to copy and paste the list into Excel to compare students participating in service vs. current roster.

  • On the Send Message screen there is a box that lets you know how many characters you have left. However that box isn’t on the Schedule Messages tab. That would be helpful.

    Also, is it possible to export our list as an Excel spreadsheet? That would be helpful to have a paper or secondary data backup in the event we should ever lose our list.

  • I agree with 100% of the suggestions left thus far, so I will re-hash those. All great recommended capabilities that will help me out tremendously. My only other feedback is that the console is very slow but maybe that’s due to the number of Mobile Number in my database.

    It’s very slow when trying to build a group. This may go back to the sheer number of phone numbers in my database. Maybe the data can be instantiated so that it’s not pulling from the database for each and every query. Not sure how you can speed it up based on your architecture.

    Also, when I want to know how many i have in my groups (or in my database as a whole) it is a little cumbersome to do the “select all”/”unselect all” to get my number. It would be great if it just defaulted to the total number…and then if I decided to select a few or select all, then the number would be updated.

    Another thing, In the SENT MESSAGES tab, it’s not showing the actual number of recipients that my alert was sent to…

    • Hi,
      Yes, one of the biggest improvements for the new dashboard is going to be improved performance for accounts with a lot of numbers. That should clear up most of the problems you mentioned.

      Thanks for the suggestion!

  • The scheduled messages page needs a character counter like the send message page. I would also like to be able to delete old sent messages. Notification of duplicate numbers would be a help also.

    • Hi Paul,
      Thanks for the suggestions. We added ‘deleting old sent messages’ to the list.

      I believe the system should delete duplicate numbers automatically, but we will definitely be improving these types of things in the new control panel.

  • I would be interested in a feature that allows me to post to my Facebook and Twitter accounts at the same time as sending a text. I use the scheduled message feature every week and the ability to schedule a facebook and twitter post at the same time as the text would be very helpful.

    Other than that, I agree with the suggestions already posted.


  • Great suggestion, I don’t know if this will make it in to the new control panel right away, but it is definitely a feature that we will get in the works.

    Thanks for the feedback

  • Allow groups to be selected at Sign Ups.

    Allow login’s to each group to send messages.

    This would allow our baseball participants to register for their team and their team be able to send messages. I would expect this would increase our usage of

    Thanks for the opportunity to contribute. Steven