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All You Need to Know About Text Alert Keywords


“Keyword” is a term we throw around a lot here at Mobile Text Alerts.

What is a “keyword” in regards to your text alert account? What do you need to know about using text alert keywords?


To put it simply, your keyword is a word unique to your account that potential subscribers can text in to a certain number to be added to your subscriber list. The purpose of a keyword is to be a unique identifier so that people can easily opt themselves in to receive your messages by texting in from their phones.

Your account with Mobile Text Alerts comes with one free keyword on the number 662-200-4303. Anyone who texts your unique keyword in to 662-200-4303 will be added to your database so they can receive your messages.

You can edit your free keyword anytime from your Settings.

Group Keywords

In addition to your free keyword, you can purchase group keywords at $3/month each.

These group keywords are connected to particular groups on your account. This means that people can text a group keyword in to 662-200-4303 to be added to the specific group associated with that keyword. Purchasing group keywords can help make the process of adding subscribers to groups simpler.  Contact us to purchase group keywords.

Shortcode Keywords

Usually, it is more convenient for your subscribers to be able to text in to a number that is a little shorter. A “shortcode” is a 5 or 6 digit number. For $15/month you can purchase a keyword on the shortcode numbers 74121, 91096, 50597, 58632, or 81257. This will allow your subscribers to text your keyword to the shortcode you select. This tends to increase subscription rates by up to 60%.

Shortcode keywords are popular since they make it extremely simple for people to sign up for your alerts.  Go to the Keywords tab on your control panel to purchase shortcode keywords.  You can even connect your shortcode keywords to specific groups on your account from the Manage Keywords page so that anyone who texts in the keyword will be added to a particular group.

Tips on Creating Your Keyword

  • Create a keyword that would be unique to your account (this is actually a requirement)
  • Select a keyword that is short and easy to remember
  • Make sure your keyword is just one word; even if it is 2 or more words, combine it to a single word
  • Don’t worry about capitalization – your keyword is not case-sensitive

Tips on Promoting Your Keyword

  • Publish your keyword on social media posts
  • Put your keyword on your website
  • Display your keyword in prominent places at your location
  • Include your keyword in presentations and promotions
  • Insert your keyword in marketing emails or mailings

Your keyword is a useful tool to assist you in your text alert sending process. Remember to take advantage of this tool as much as possible and use it to its maximum potential!

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