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The Mobile Text Alerts SMS API

Mobile Text Alerts is mainly used to send out messages to groups, but we also have an SMS API to connect text message sending to any application that exists.

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This can be very useful in many different situations.  Here are some of the ways that our existing customers are utilizing our SMS API:

  • Sending a text message when someone signs up for your online service
  • Sending a text message to notify someone when their package has shipped from your store
  • For service providers (plumbing, lawn care, etc) send a text to let the customer know you are on your way
  • Send a quick thank you to your users who complete a survey for you, and send them the results of the survey
  • Web monitoring software that sends a text message to let people know a certain website is down

These are just a few ways that our existing customers are taking advantage of the SMS API.

Can you think of any ways that text messaging might improve your business?  Let us know right away and we can set you up with an API key.

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