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Mobile Text Alerts and LulaCash!

In the ever-continuing endeavor to make ourselves as useful to you as possible, our development team has rolled out a new feature for LulaCash!



Offering incentives such as LulaCash for your clients is a great way to drive sales and encourage customer loyalty- but it can be hassle to keep track of. That is where Mobile Text Alerts hopes to help.

When logged into your account, you’ll find a new LulaCash tab under your LulaRoe Tools tab. This feature serves as a place for you to keep track of your customers’ LulaCash values, expiration dates, and redemption codes!

To start out,

Click on the + LulaCash button     This will bring up a screen that looks like this:


Code: For each LulaCash entry, our system will create a unique and randomly-automated code. More on that later!

Customer: Here, type in the name or number of the person who the LulaCash belongs to.

Value: As you might guess, this is the amount of the LulaCash that you are giving them.

Expiration Date: Here, input the date that your customers will no longer be able to use the LulaCash. This is important for your records so you can keep track of what is expired or not!


As always, don’t forget to click Save! 🙂


As soon as you click Save, two things will happen:

1. An entry is created for that customer. In one line, you will have all you need to know about your customer’s LulaCash:

2. At no hassle for you, a text message is automatically sent to your client! It informs them how much they earned, when it expires, the redemption code, and who they received it from:

Want to see these messages? Simply check your Sent Messages Report under your Reports tab.


With the click of a single ‘save’ button, both you and your customers are in-the-know about LulaCash.


**Make a typo? No problem- each entry allows you to edit the information in that entry! Just click on the white icon that resembles a pencil: **

Great! Your LulaCash is in there, now how do you redeem it?

Once your customer decides to spend their LulaCash, finding their info and redeeming it is as simple as utilizing one code.

Take another quick look at the image above of the example text a customer would receive. Notice how the text will instruct them to give you a code to redeem their LulaCash. Once you have that code, all you need to do is copy-and-paste that code into here:

Once you press that Redeem button, our system will find their entry, redeem their cash, and make a checkmark to notate its redemption. No hassle for you!

Did your customer forget to provide their code to you? No problem! You can simply look up their phone number to find their LulaCash entries:

Find the code that corresponds to the date you issued their LulaCash and the amount you gave them; once you find it, you can redeem it!

Has your customer earned multiple LulaCash awards? You can also use the search function to help with this. You can see how much LulaCash one customer has by searching their number:


One last thing to note:

Take care when you find your cursor hovering over this red button:

As it says, this will delete every entry you have in your LulaCash tab. We provide this button for those who want to completely start over and redo their LulaCash records.

If you are wanting to delete a single entry, navigate your cursor to the smaller and less-ominous red button:

If you are trying to delete multiple entries, simply hold down the Shift or Ctrl key on your keyboard and click away! When you have entries selected, these buttons will appear to help you accomplish what you’re trying to do:


Well, that’s the news for today! We hope this feature helps in the always-expanding world of direct sales. As always, your Mobile Text Alerts team loves to hear feedback. Please don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts or questions- reply on this blog post or email us at


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