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Mobile Phone Apps for New Moms

Search for ‘baby’ on your phone’s app store and you’ll be inundated with options. Some are quite useful, but others are redundant or poorly designed.

We’ve collected the top five mobile phone apps for new moms that help track their baby’s day, make new friends, and even store memories.

Baby Tracker Nursing

There are two main reasons new moms should track their baby’s nursing. First, if the baby comes to their first check-up weighing less than average for his or her age, the doctor will be keen to know if the baby is actually eating less than normal or if there may be some other reason that needs to be investigated.

But not everything is so dire. Creating a routine is very helpful for newborns and for parents, too. If you know little Susie usually gets fed for twenty minutes around 1 p.m., then you can plan around this when scheduling your day instead of dealing with the unexpected interruptions.

The best nursing app we’ve found is Baby Tracker Nursing, which is available on iTunes. For Android, you’ll want to turn to the top-rated Feed Baby app, which also allows you to track bottle feedings and pumpings, as well as diaper changes and nap times.


If you’re feeling alone in this new journey or just want to get out of the house, the Peanut app is here to help. This social app helps you make new mom friends. Often called “The Tinder of Motherhood,” you can search for other new moms—and perhaps experienced moms with some useful tips—near you who are interested in getting together. As your baby gets older, you can use this app to find play dates. Just swipe up when you see a mom with similar interests, availability, and even spoken languages.

Peanut is currently only available on iOS devices.

Baby Soother

There are many apps that aim to provide calming noises or music for your new baby. We like this Android app for its range of options. From ocean waves and heartbeats to lullabies and the somehow-soothing drone of a hairdryer, this app offers a great variety as a free mobile app for new moms. We especially appreciated the ability to record something of your own.

Baby Soother is free for Android devices. Users of iOS devices may like this similar free app, Sound Sleeper.

Day One

This app wasn’t actually designed for new moms, but it might as well have been. Day One is a journal app that allows you to save photos, videos, journal entries and other media. You can even use voice recognition to type up your captions and notations. The best part is you can export your journal to PDF and have it printed as a book.

We consider this the 21st century of the baby book. With Day One, you can notate all your baby’s “firsts,” save memories of family outings, and capture those quiet moments at home that you’ll want to look back on in years to come.

Baby MedBasics

It’s important to learn the basics of emergency infant care—after all, it could save your baby’s life. Recognizing the signs of an emergency right away is key. This app goes over everything you need to know in the first year, including signs of poison ingestion, choking, fever, bleeding, burns, and other maladies. You’ll also learn how to do the ‘baby Heimlich maneuver’ and ‘baby CPR.’

This app is available as a book on the Google Play Store for Android devices. You may also want to check out the British Red Cross‘s app for Android devices.

WebMD also has a similar app for both Android and iOS, but it encompasses far more information and can be a little overwhelming.

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