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Mobile Marketing Tips You Don’t Want to Miss in 2017

More and more people are using mobile devices to browse the internet. In 2016, mobile device searches overtook desktop computer searches for the first time ever. This should be a major wake up call for businesses yet to embrace the mobile revolution.

Websites and online marketing materials need to be adapted to mobile device formats. This doesn’t just improve user experience of your website. It’s also likely to improve your Google ranking and allow you to take advantage of the fact that 70% of mobile searches lead to fairly immediate action. People searching on mobile devices do so with greater intent than those on desktop computers so making sure your marketing efforts reach these people seems like a sensible way to improve conversions.

So what mobile marketing strategies should be on your radar in 2017? Here’s a list of handy tips to improve your mobile engagement.

Make Your Website Mobile Responsive

There’s really no excuse in 2017 for not having a fully mobile responsive website. This means layout and content that adapts to all mobile and tablet computer formats. You should work on your mobile user experience so potential customers aren’t bombarded with unnecessary information and poorly aligned visuals. And you need to test every update to your different website formats on the devices for which they’re intended. This way you get a real sense of how the website works for each and every customer.

Adapt Your Content

Your content and headings will display differently depending on the device through which they’re viewed. As a result, you should adapt your content marketing strategy for each device, bearing in mind the length of title that fits to the screen, the amount of text that users usually read on each device and the fact that mobile users are much more likely to be in the midst of a micro-moment. This means they’re looking to do, go, know or buy with pretty immediate effect. Solve these micro-moment problems with your content and you are much likely to convert your reader into a customer.

Use SMS Marketing

Sending an SMS can have an immediate impact on your target audience. An incredible 95% of customers who have opted in to receive SMS marketing, open and read mobile messages within three minutes. You can set up an SMS marketing campaign with an external company who will manage all of the technical aspects of the job.

Create an App

Some company directors question the usefulness of an app when they already have a mobile responsive website. However, these people are missing out on the incredible list of benefits an app can offer. Apps can help you build a closer relationship with customers, create a direct marketing channel, build your brand image and provide convenient solutions for those using your services or products. The technology now exists to alert customers to sales as they walk past your store, to conduct loyalty rewards based on customer app engagement and even to alert store assistants to the name of a customer as they walk through the door. It seems the possibilities for engagement and personalization of customer experience are going to be endless.


No modern marketing strategy is complete without a thorough dissection of the mobile landscape and content dedicated specifically to mobile users. Don’t get left behind. Update your approach and make the most of the ever-burgeoning mobile market.


Amelia Dermott

Amelia Dermott is a passionate writer and self-proclaimed Internet addict. Having experience in business and IT administration, she likes to write about technology and self-development topics. She’s also part of the team at

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