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MMS Messaging: What Is It?

SMS stands for “short messaging service” and refers to the normal texts we send on a daily basis. But what is MMS messaging?

mms messaging

MMS Messaging Allows More Characters

MMS (“multimedia messaging service“) allows the sender to include more than just a few short characters.

SMS only allows up to 160 characters per text while MMS can be up to 1600. This allows you to include a lot more content without having your messages split up into multiple texts.

MMS Messaging Allows Attachments

With MMS you can include attachments such as an image or short video. This is in contrast with SMS, which can only include text.

Including an attachment in your message can engage your audience in way that a simple text can’t.

The Shortcomings of MMS

When it comes to a mass text system like the primary shortcoming of MMS would be the higher cost.

For example, with our system sending an MMS costs 3 messaging credits as opposed to regular SMS which just cost 1.

For our alert system the throughput (how quickly messages go out) for MMS may be slower than for SMS as well. However, you may not notice this unless you send an MMS at a high-volume time or unless you send to a large number of subscribers.

It is also possible (though unlikely) that some phones may not support MMS.

With all this in mind, you can decide which method (SMS or MMS) works best for your purposes (and your budget!).

Many of our customers do a combination of SMS and MMS. You may want to primarily send SMS and perhaps send an MMS on occasion if the message is particularly long or calls for some kind of image to be attached.

Or you may decide you don’t have a need for MMS and send SMS solely (or vice-versa). You can do whatever works best for you!

If you haven’t yet, try a free test account today to get a feel for how a text alert system might work for you!

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