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MLM Marketing Tools: 6 Nifty Features to Benefit Your Business

Looking for some good MLM marketing tools to help your business?

Multi-level marketing is an interesting industry and independent business owners are always looking for ways to improve sales and increase profits!

There is so much to sift through and so much to think about when it comes to what services might benefit your business.

mlm marketing tools

Here are 6 MLM marketing tools that can help!

1. Text Alerts

The primary feature we offer at is, of course, text alerts!

Text alerts are an effective way to get info across to your customers.

This could lead to increased viewership for live sales, increased attendance at pop-ups/parties, and ultimately increased profits!

2. Loyalty Rewards

We also offer a way to track loyalty rewards for your customers and send notifications when they’ve made a purchase or earned a reward.

A tool like this can do much to boost customer retention and repeat business!

3. Digital Coupons

Our digital coupon feature allows you to set up a coupon design.

It then generates a link for that design so you can text it out to customers.

Everyone loves getting a good coupon after all! 🙂

4. Facebook Giveaway

This function is an integration with Facebook.

It’s a fun little feature that lets you run a giveaway on any Facebook page you’re an admin of.

All you need to do is make a post that contains #giveaway and the system will keep track of everyone who comments and randomly select a winner.

5. Text-in Giveaway

Similar to the Facebook Giveaway, this feature allows you to set up a giveaway that people can enter by texting in a particular word.

The system will randomly select a winner from all the numbers that text in.

6. Facebook Claims

The Facebook Claims feature can help you track your album sales.

It will detect if someone comments with a “claim word” you designate on a Facebook page you’re an admin of.

It will then list info for the claim such as who claimed it, what the item is, and what date it was claimed.


We hope features like these will help you engage with your customers and increase profits!

If you haven’t already, sign up for a free text alert account today to get a feel for how it works and take advantage of these MLM marketing tools!

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