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Why You Shouldn’t Call: Millennials Texting

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Millennials don’t like talking on the phone or leaving voicemails.  Intuitively we are seeing this all around us.  We hear about how for Millennials, texting is on the rise and about how nobody seems to call anymore.  We see businesses integrating texting into their customer service—from dentists sending out text messages reminding patients of upcoming appointments, to retailers answering customer questions via text message.

The Claim

As a Millennial myself, I personally can relate to this rise of the text message.  I would much rather have somebody send me a text than a voicemail.  Texts are just so convenient, if a bit impersonal.  This article from Forbes discusses research and other societal indicators of something that the general public already seems to know: that texting is on the rise while voicemails are becoming a thing of the past.

The Data

According to the Forbes article, recent (2014) data from Gallup and slightly older (2010) data from Nielsen offered evidence of this phenomenon.  Gallup’s study concluded, “Sending and receiving text messages is the most prevalent form of communication for Americans younger than 50.”  The Nielsen data pointed out how young adults’ average use of voice minutes declined by about 300 minutes per month between 2008 and 2010 (from about 1,200 minutes per month to about 900 minutes per month).

The Implications

For any kind of organization—whether it be a big business, small business, non-profit, or even a community or family—the implications of these observations are important.  No longer are phone messages the best way to reach out to employees, associates, customers, clients, patients, church members, community members, friends, or family.

Some organizations may have to do a complete overhaul of their internal communication methods or of their marketing methods.  Some families may have to restructure how different members relate to one another.  (As some of the articles mentioned, you who are parents and grandparents may be encouraged to know that your children/grandchildren aren’t intentionally ignoring your phone calls; send them a text, and see how quickly they reply back!)


Technology changes.  Society changes.  What do you think of these current trends in society?  Do you think young people text too much, or do you like the changes that are happening?

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