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Messaging the Choir: Katie’s Story

Katie is a ministry leader at Indian Hills Community Church in Lincoln, NE. She directs a girls’ choir as well as an adult women’s vocal ensemble. The girls’ choir consists of 4th-12th grade girls while the women’s ensemble has women of all ages. They rehearse regularly and sing at church services/events as well as nursing homes and hospitals.

Katie, choir director

When she took over these ministries, Katie needed a way to get information across to parents and singers. Katie says regarding the girls’ choir,

“Before, they had a Facebook group and parents wouldn’t check it and letters would get lost, so parents just didn’t have information.”

Text alerts helped solve this problem of lost communication by getting information directly into people’s hands. Katie says,

“…parents don’t check their emails or Facebook and notes sent home with the girls get lost and never reach the parents. … With text alerts, people were aware of what was going on and were more informed.”

Katie uses text alerts to let people know about rehearsal times, events, updates, and announcements. She appreciates some of the features offered by Mobile Text Alerts:

“It’s nice to schedule alerts, then when I think about it at 1:00 in the morning I can just schedule a message for the next day. I like the fact that I can have one account and two separate groups – I like that I don’t have to sign in to different accounts.”

Mobile Text Alerts has freed Katie from being concerned about missed messages or forgotten announcements so she can focus her energies on the music and ministries themselves!

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