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Mass Texting App for Mobile Text Alerts

Did you know that you can not only send text messages by logging into our online control panel on our website but you can also download our mass texting app?

Our mass texting app is available for iOS and Android so you can download it from your app store for free!

You just need to have a mobile device with internet connection and an account at to use it (click here to view our pricing plans).

mass texting app

Use the mass texting app on the go!

The app shares most of the same functionality as the control panel online, so it allows you to access your account and send messages when you’re on the run.

(Let’s face it- It’s not always easy or convenient to access a computer, but we have our phones on us almost all the time!)

No internet access? You can still send mass texts!

What if you can’t get to a computer and don’t have internet access on your phone?

Or what if you don’t want to use up a lot of data on your phone plan?

You are also able to send out messages by texting in to the system. All you need to do is set up your phone number as an administrator and you’ll be able to send messages by simply texting in from that phone number!

So whether you want to log in online, use a mass texting app, or text in to the system from your mobile phone, you can send messages wherever you are! 🙂

This offers flexibility to meet your needs for whatever situation you find yourself in.


(Let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions on any other features we could add to make the service more useful to you!)

If you don’t have an account at yet, try it out for free today!

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