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Marketing Tips for Hair Stylists

Creating a brand for hair stylists can in many ways be a lot more difficult than marketing for a product. When you sell headbands, or cell phones, or sweaters (or really about anything else) your customers¬†automatically do the marketing for you. People ask “Where did you get that headband?” or you can print your name on the sweaters you make. It is much more difficult to brand something like a haircut, so you have to be a little more creative in your marketing.



Text Messages are up to a 95% read rate which makes SMS messaging a great tool for promoting your business, and retaining customers. Send appointment reminders, coupons, or special offers. We have even had some salons have great responses by just sending out everyday hair and fashion advice.

“Can I afford text alerts?” Some salon-owners may ask. For up to 175 subscribers is $11.99/month, that’s less than the cost of just 1 extra haircut per month.

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