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26 Marketing SMS One-Liners to Hook Your Customers

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Are you struggling with what to text to your SMS subscribers?

While email and social media may come naturally, SMS can be a little trickier.

Since you can only use so many words to motivate your SMS subscribers to take action, they need to pack a punch.

With the help of today’s guide, you’ll have all the inspiration you need to start sending mass texts your customers will love.

Plus, by following the template in this guide, most of your marketing messages will be ready to go before you even start writing them.

But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here.

Before we dive into our list of 26 marketing SMS phrases your customers will definitely engage with, you should know certain words have a bigger impact than others.

Use Power Words for a Bigger Impact

As Sarah Peterson points out in this Sumo guide, adding “power words” to your marketing messages can help amplify their effectiveness.

That’s because research has shown these words pique curiosity and trigger an emotional response.

Your messages will not only resonate with readers when you use these words, but you’ll help motivate your subscribers to follow your lead, whether that’s completing a sale or signing up for a special event.

One of the best ways to do this is by pairing your power words with a strong call to action. Your master SMS template looks like: phrase + CTA.

Follow this easy formula and you’ll have a message that’s close to 90% ready to go.

The only step left to take is adjusting the message for your specific SMS marketing campaign.

It’s that simple!

Here are those special promotional phrases that can help drive both traffic and awareness to your brand and its latest offers.

SMS Phrases to Create Urgency & Promote Special Offers

To create a sense of urgency, and to help your subscribers act on your limited time offers, try using one of the phrases in this section.

You’ll find the power word in bold, along with a sample message to show you how to use it in your text message.

Let these be your starting points for creating your own phrases and unique mass text alerts:

Marketing SMS Power Words

  1. Because a deal this good won’t last long.
  2. Only 24 hours left to save on your entire order.
  3. Sale ends in less than 48 hours.
  4. You don’t want FOMO do you? Claim your deal before it’s too late.
  5. When we said limited time offer, we meant it.
  6. Don’t miss your last chance to save on your next order.
  7. Grab this special offer before it disappears.
  8. Have you been patiently waiting to try our latest product? Now’s your chance — we’re offering 20% off.
  9. Hurry! This offer is only available to the first 100 subscribers.
  10. Deals you’ll love. Don’t believe us? See for yourself…
  11. Up to 65% off. Clearance sale starts now!
  12. Take an extra 20% off when you enter this discount code.
  13. Unbelievable! 50% off all orders placed by 5PM today only!
  14. Enjoy up to 75% off already discounted items.
  15. 35% off starts NOW!
  16. Free trial size with a purchase of $45 or more.
  17. LAST CALL: This sale ends in 12 hours. Save 50% before midnight.
  18. ENDS TOMORROW: You have 24 hours to stock up on winter basics before the sale ends.

Special Gifts & Exclusive Offers

By sending special gifts and exclusive invites to your SMS subscribers, you’ll naturally develop a deeper relationship with them.

Not only that, you’ll make each subscriber feel special, as if they’re part of your inner circle.

And when you do that, they’ll associate positive feelings with your brand and they’ll be much more inclined to do business with you.

Check out how these phrases create a sense of exclusivity and appreciation:

  1. Join our exclusive club to earn points and rack up discounts.
  2. Free gift with purchase. It’s our way of saying thanks for being such a loyal subscriber!
  3. Be the first to try our latest formula. We know you’ll love it as much as we do.
  4. New product alert. Want to try it?
  5. Only 25 seats left. Register for this event today before it’s sold out!

Keep in mind, you shouldn’t only send promotional offers via text.

Do this and you’ll quickly start to annoy your subscribers.

Avoid this pickle by showing your subscribers your latest article or guide in between promotional updates.

Drive Traffic to Your Content

Whether your team has created a roundup of recipes this week on your blog or your new workout video went live, you can use mass text alerts to help bring awareness and drive traffic to your latest piece.

As more people are exposed to your brand, the chances of your content being shared with new audiences and potential subscribers also increases.

Plus, your content may help your customers solve a serious problem they’re currently facing.

By showing your subscribers you’re the expert, or at least that your brand is the solution to their problem, they’ll start coming to you anytime they need help in the future.

But they can’t do that unless they know your brand produces helpful content.

By sending SMS phrases like the ones below, there won’t be any confusion:

  1. 7 tips guaranteed to make your life easier.
  2. 10 proven ways to earn more money this year.
  3. These 10 expert tips will help you conquer anything.

If your team routinely creates content, try sharing it with your subscribers once per week via text.

how to send Mass Text Alerts

This consistency will keep your subscriber list engaged and interested in what else is to come.

Pair Your Phrase with One of These Calls to Action

A “call to action,” or CTA, is simply a phrase that leads with an action verb to motivate readers to do something.

These phrases are short, speak right to the reader (using words like you/your), and usually include simple instructions for what to do next. They should also create a sense of urgency, using words like “now”.

To see what we mean, check out the following CTAs:

  • Click the link for more information
  • Use this coupon code to save at checkout
  • Claim your deal now
  • Check out the article ASAP

All you have to do is start pairing CTAs like the ones we listed here with one of the 26 phrases above and you’ll have most of your marketing SMS message complete without breaking a sweat.

Start Marketing Your Brand Using a Business SMS Today

SMS marketing should have a prominent place in your brand’s marketing strategy because it’s simple and effective.

Just remember today’s formula: power word/phrase + CTA, and you can send mass text alerts your subscribers will engage with right now.

It’s that easy.

Ready to get started? Get a free trial of our business SMS service here.

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